Green Burials

In today’s eco-conscious world, it seems like every industry is going green. The funeral industry is no exception, as green burial is becoming an increasingly popular choice in funeral planning. Not all funeral homes and cemeteries provide green burial services, and green burial can differ depending on the provider. Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park offers green burial with certification from the Green Burial Council, which is a leading authority for green burial in the United States. Choosing a green burial can let you honor your loved one with traditional ceremonies while reducing the environmental impact of the actual burial services.

Green Burial FAQs

With green burial, measures are put in place to minimize the impact on the natural habitat, reduce carbon emissions, and conserve natural resources. Below you can see a few frequently asked questions about the green burial process that will help you understand how it works.

  1. What constitutes green burial? Green burial may not utilize formaldehyde-based embalming methods or non-biodegradable caskets. In natural and conservation level green burial, vaults are also prohibited.
  2. Is cremation a greener option? Some people have the impression that cremation is already a green option, but it does still have an environmental impact. The resources required for cremation are less than any other disposition method, though there can still be significant emissions, and there are not yet standards to let consumers distinguish among the pollution of cremation services at different facilities.
  3. Why is embalming problematic? Traditional embalming with formaldehyde can be an issue, because formaldehyde is a carcinogenic chemical that has posed health risks for funeral home workers in the past. There are now a number of formaldehyde-free embalming fluids using biodegradable oils, which are non-toxic and eco-friendly. These fluids are approved for green burial with GBC certification.
  4. What types of caskets and urns are used in green burial? When choosing a casket or urn for a green burial, consumers should explore certified products that have been made from readily biodegradable, non-toxic materials, which have been manufactured using environmentally-conscious measures to reduce carbon emissions.

Green Burial Council Certification

Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park is one of a select handful of GBC certified facilities along the west coast. We maintain this certification by offering burial choices and materials that restore the natural areas used for burial. The Green Burial Council is a non-profit organization operating throughout the United States with a mission to advocate for sustainable end-of-life care that does not compromise cultural and religious traditions.

For further education on your choices for green burial, call Skylawn Funeral Home at (650) 349-4411. We strive to respect and honor a wide range of funeral traditions to reflect the culturally diverse population of the surrounding San Mateo community.