Cremation is one of the oldest methods of laying the deceased to rest, and it is also the most flexible when it comes to memorial ceremonies. When you pre-plan your funeral services with Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, you can rest assured that you have the broadest range of choices for your cremation service and know that your cremation will be performed in on-site facilities. It is rare for funeral homes to offer these services on-site, but the inclusion of these services ensures that we monitor every step of the process so that your wishes are met. If you are unsure whether cremation is the right choice for you, keep reading to learn more about the process.

The Process of Cremation

During cremation, a body is heated in a special chamber to more than 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2-2 ½ hours. After this high-temperature heating, organic matter is consumed and only bone fragments are left behind. These are processed into fine particles and placed in a receptacle as remains, which are given to family or loved ones. Bodies are only ever cremated one at a time, and they are marked through a controlled labeling system to ensure accuracy in identification of remains.

Options for Remains

Once a body has been cremated, there are many different choices for handling the remains. Prior to cremation, you may set up a viewing and ceremony, or you might choose to forgo visitation and have a gathering following the cremation. There are several choices for handling the remains, which you might discuss in detail with our funeral planners.

  • Burial – Cremated remains may be buried in-ground with a headstone marker to combine the tradition of burial with the cost-effectiveness of cremation.
  • Memorialization – Permanent cremation memorialization in glass-front niches, pedestals, benches, or a columbarium is a modern option for remains that can provide a spot to visit and remember your loved ones. These choices range significantly in price, so you can find a memorialization option for any budget.
  • Scattering – Scattering a loved one’s ashes can be a great way to celebrate his or her life and reconnect with nature.
  • Custom preservation – You can also get more creative with remains, preserving small amounts of ashes in custom jewelry or display pieces. A funeral director can give you more ideas that stray from the traditional to truly memorialize your loved one in a meaningful, creative way.

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