• Advice for Managing Family Disagreements During Funeral Planning

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    Planning a funeral is incredibly stressful, and it is common for families to have disagreements about the details of the funeral service. You can diffuse family disagreements and make arranging a funeral much less stressful by following a few simple tips. Here is some advice for managing family disagreements while planning a funeral.

    Consider the Deceased’s Wishes When Planning a Funeral Service
    Family members are often influenced by their own wishes and beliefs when they are planning a funeral service. You can keep things less stressful by encouraging family members to only focus on the deceased’s wishes for the funeral ceremony. If no one has any real sense of whether your loved one wanted a funeral, burial, or cremation service, you might want to just choose the simplest or most economical solution to minimize stress.

    Take Advantage of Grief Support Services
    Grief counselors can be incredibly helpful in navigating and resolving family disputes during funeral planning. He or she can help you and your family reach an agreement or compromise when deciding upon specific details of a funeral ceremony. Seeking grief support services can also help you and your family process your grief, and will make it a little easier to begin arranging the funeral.

    Be Diplomatic When Sorting Through Belongings
    One of the most frequent sources of family disagreements after a loved one passes away is who will get what when you begin sorting through family belongings. Before you begin the process, sit down with your family on neutral ground and try to devise a diplomatic plan for dividing up personal items. When you’re on neutral territory, it may be easier for everyone to be less emotional about the process.

    At Skylawn Memorial Park, our compassionate funeral home staff can help you and your family with funeral planning in San Mateo. We have experience arranging funerals, burials, and cremations for families of all ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. We also offer professional grief support services. To learn more about our funeral home and its services, call us today at (650) 349-4411.

  • Planning a Post-Funeral Reception

    When arranging a funeral service, it can be difficult to make plans for traditional customs that typically occur after the funeral service, such as a post-funeral reception. Oftentimes, funeral homes can provide support to mourning families by helping them plan a funeral service, burial service, and subsequent memorial service or reception.

    When speaking with the funeral services director at your funeral home, find out if the funeral home provides rooms for families to use for post-funeral receptions. The funeral services director should also be able to help you arrange catering services, and will make sure that information about the memorial or reception is included in the program for the funeral service.

    If you need help planning a funeral service reception or funeral ceremony near San Mateo, visit Skylawn Memorial Park. Our compassionate funeral service directors can arrange a funeral and reception that accommodate any unique religious or cultural needs of your family. For more information about the funeral services and grief support services we offer to the community, call us today at (650) 349-4411.

  • What Are Your Options for Scattering and Sharing After Cremation?

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    Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park performs cremations onsite. If you are considering cremation services near San Mateo, Skylawn has many different options to offer. Before or after the cremation process, many people choose to have a ceremony in which guests honor the life of the deceased. Memorialization options after cremation are many and are not limited to in-ground burial. Scattering is one of the common options, which involves scattering the cremated ashes over land or water. Another popular option is sharing, which is when the remains are kept in a special container, or multiple containers so that each member of the family can choose what to do with the remains.

    At Skylawn, we will give you the remains in a container that can be used for scattering, or let you pick from our selection of urns and jewelry applications if you prefer sharing. To learn more, visit our website or call us at (650) 349-4411.

  • Feng Shui Burial Traditions [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When planning a funeral and burial for a loved one, honoring your family’s cultural traditions can play an important role. For people of Chinese descent, that can mean incorporating feng shui into the funeral arrangements. There are many feng shui principles that apply to funerals, particularly when it comes to choosing burial services. Feng shui principles dictate everything from the best burial sites to the direction the deceased should be facing. To help families honor feng shui principles when they arrange a funeral, Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park is pleased to have Clifford Yee on staff as director of Asian Affairs. Yee is an expert in Asian funeral traditions and provides families with needed guidance during the funeral planning process. Find out more in this infographic from Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, and please consider helping other families in need by sharing this information about our cemetery and funeral home services.

  • Skylawn Funeral Home’s Water Conservation Efforts

    In order to do our part to conserve California’s precious natural resources, Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park is undertaking several water conservation efforts to reduce consumption and comply with Governor Brown’s water restriction mandates.

    1. We are limiting our lawn watering
    2. We’ve performed a full audit of our entire sprinkler system to search for and repair leaks
    3. We are in the process of installing smart irrigation controllers that are linked to real time weather information and the internet . This system will help minimize our sprinklers from activating if rain is expected.

    Additionally, our team is proactively researching other options which could include the use of artificial turf, xeriscaping (a form of sustainable gardening using drought-tolerant plants), aeration systems as well as other new, state-of the-art water conservation technology. Skylawn is committed to doing whatever we can to help California weather this unprecedented drought, while providing a beautiful, comforting environment for visitors.