• Finding Resources to Deal with Your Grief

    A funeral home often offers services designed to help surviving loved ones cope with grief in the aftermath of a loved one’s passing. However, there are also many resources in your local community.

    When you plan funeral services with a funeral home’s help, you deserve to have someone to guide you through the entire process. Simply choosing between cremation and burial can feel like an overwhelming, emotional decision. When you are grieving, even minor stresses are compounded. It is essential to take time out to truly address your feelings during this difficult time. Grief counseling services from a funeral home are important for the healing process. As your grief counselor will advise you, there are many ways to grieve. It is completely natural to experience many different kinds of emotions, including anger. Make sure that you and your family members take advantage of grief counseling services. You will be able to meet others in your community who are going through the same process.

    Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park offers comprehensive and free grief counseling services as well as funeral services in the San Mateo community. To plan funeral services and arrange for grief counseling, call us at (650) 349-4411.

  • Coping with the Loss of a Child

    Losing a child is devastating. As you plan funeral services, it is important to also seek grief counseling.

    A funeral home understands just how difficult it is to lose a child. No parent should ever have to visit a cemetery to select a burial plot for their child. As you begin the grieving process, it is important to reach out to your funeral home and to other parents for grief support. Whether your child passes in an accident or due to illness, re-telling the story can help you heal.

    Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park is proud to offer funeral services as well as grief support and counseling. If you have recently lost a loved one, please call us at (650) 349-4411 to learn more about our funeral services in San Mateo.

  • Tips for Facing a New Year When You Are Grieving

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    It is never easy to lose a close friend, family member, or loved one. January 1st can be a particularly difficult time for the recently bereaved. The prospect of a new year may fill you with anxiety and regret as this will be a year without the presence of the loved one who has passed. You may be clinging to old memories or you may feel isolated and lonely in the knowledge that others are celebrating the change of year and the symbolic fresh start it brings. Grief counseling in San Mateo may help you to come to terms with your bereavement at the start of this new year. There are also a few things you can do to try to ease your sorrow after funeral services.

    Get Enough Rest
    If you have recently been caring for a loved one in their final stages of their life, or if you have suffered the shock and pain of a major loss, you may be suffering from both mental and physical exhaustion. It’s vital that you take the time to rest and heal. Consult your physician as to the best course of action to recover your physical health. Certain restful activities can help soothe you and aid your mental recuperation. Consult a therapist, talk to friends, read, or listen to enjoyable music.

    Seek Support
    Talk to your friends and family about your bereavement. Seek out an experienced, qualified bereavement counselor. If you are a member of a faith group, your local priest, vicar, rabbi, imam, or other religious leader may be able to help you find greater peace. Chatting to others who knew the deceased can help ease the pain. It can help to reminiscence about their lives, to share photos, and recount stories.

    Take it One Day at a Time
    Allow yourself time to recover. Grieving is a process and it cannot be hurried. Take each day as it comes.

    If you have suffered a recent loss and are planning a cremation ceremony or funeral service, we can help. Here at Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, we can help you plan the funeral service of your choice to honor the memory of your loved one. Call us at (650) 349-4411 to find out more about how we can help you at this difficult time.

  • Tips for Dealing with Grief During the Holidays

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    Dealing with grief is always challenging, but during the holidays, loss can feel especially intense. Even if the funeral services ended long ago, the holiday season can stir up sadness and guilt that may have previously seemed manageable. Having a plan to cope with feelings of grief during the holidays is the first step for dealing with the emotions. Keep these tips in mind as you face a holiday season without your loved one.

    Balance Your Obligations
    For some people, spending time with family is the only way to get through the holidays, while other people find that they wish to be alone to concentrate on honoring a lost loved one. You may find that your desire for company fluctuates throughout the season, so give yourself the mix of companionship and alone time that feels right. If taking part in social events makes you feel happy, then do it, and if you find that you need to skip a gathering or get some time to yourself, allow yourself that break. Don’t over-commit, and give yourself plenty of schedule flexibility.

    Release Your Guilt
    After funeral services are over, many people find themselves alone in facing their grief. As time passes and you learn to cope with your grief in new ways, you may begin to feel better—which leads some people to experience guilt. Remember that your lost loved one would want you to be happy and enjoy life. If you feel excitement and happiness during the holidays, you aren’t dishonoring your lost loved one—instead, you’re honoring him or her by living the life he or she would want you to live.

    Ask for Help
    One of the most essential parts of coping with grief at any time of year—but especially during the holidays—is asking for help when you need it. Grief support services are available. Ask your funeral home for a referral.

    At Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, from our cemeteries to our crematorium, our funeral home is focused on supporting your family in your time of need. Learn more about funeral planning and grief support in San Mateo by calling (650) 349-4411.

  • Tips for Writing a Letter of Condolence

    If a friend or family member has passed away, you will want to express your sympathy to the close family members of the deceased. These feelings can be expressed in a letter of condolence. This letter should be sent within one week of the death, or prior to the funeral, burial, memorial, or cremation service that the family holds for their loved one.

    Watch this video for some helpful advice on how to write a letter of condolence. The letter should be respectful, sympathetic, and sincere.

    If you have lost a loved on and are in need of grief support services near San Mateo, visit us at Skylawn Memorial Park. We provide religious and culturally sensitive grief counseling services for all members of the community. For more information, visit our website, or call us today at (650) 349-4411.