• A Look at the Green Burial Movement

    A green burial has recently become increasingly popular. As you will learn in this video, green burials involve burying the deceased in a particular way to minimize the impact on the environment.

    The green burial movement is a part of a larger movement to improve the condition of the Earth’s land, air, and water for future generations. Green burial involves being buried at a cemetery. However, unlike traditional burials, green burials are completely natural. They seek to minimize embalming chemicals so that area land is unaffected.

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  • A Look at the Growing Popularity of Green Burial

    More and more people are choosing to seek burial services at funeral homes that offer green burials. A green burial is eco-friendly, and doesn’t use chemicals, materials, or processes that harm the environment or contribute to pollution. Here’s a look at why green burial services are becoming increasingly popular at funeral homes across the country.

    What is a Green Burial?

    A green burial is an eco-friendly alternative to cremation and traditional burial services that focuses on protecting the earth while providing an affordable, respectful burial. A green burial can take on many forms, including using a biodegradable casket as part of a traditional funeral and burial service at a cemetery, or foregoing a burial plot entirely in favor of a living memorial at a memorial park.

    What are the Benefits of Green Burial Services?

    Green burial services are simple, affordable, and environmentally friendly. The process uses no chemical preservatives for embalming; instead, the un-embalmed body is buried in a burial plot in a cemetery in a biodegradable casket, or shrouded in all-natural cloth. This burial process conserves natural resources, limits carbon emissions, and preserves the environment. Funeral homes that offer green burial services are able to meet the needs of environmentally-conscious consumers, while also reducing pollution, land use, and high funerary costs.

    How Can You Arrange a Green Burial with Your Funeral Home and Cemetery?

    You can arrange a funeral and green burial at a funeral home that holds a certification from the Green Burial Council. This certification demonstrates that the funeral home is adhering to strict standards set up by the council to ensure that all green burial practices are eco-friendly and sustainable.

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  • Why Are More Families Choosing Green Burials?

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    A green burial is an environmentally friendly burial service that conserves the earth’s natural resources by eliminating the need for harmful embalming chemicals and non-biodegradable caskets. Keep reading to find out why so many families are now choosing green burials over traditional burial services.

    Less Environmental Impact
    Because green burials do not require the use of embalming chemicals and utilize biodegradable caskets, a green burial reduces environmental impact, conserves natural resources, and does not contribute to pollution. Traditional burial services use harsh chemicals during the embalming process, which pollute the earth and water during decomposition. Traditional burial services also utilize non-biodegradable caskets, which may also contain harmful materials that can pollute the earth.

    Lower Cost for Burial Service or Funeral Service
    Much like with traditional funeral and burial services, certain customizable elements of green burial services may cost more or less than traditional burial services or cremation services. On average, however, green burials are much less expensive. You don’t have to incur the cost of an expensive, traditional casket, and can instead choose a much less expensive biodegradable casket; cardboard caskets are available at some funeral homes for only $50. You also won’t need to pay for embalming, a grave marker, a burial vault, or traditional cemetery fees.

    More Natural Than Other Options
    Many families choose green burials because they feel the process is much more natural than traditional burial or cremation. The body isn’t artificially preserved with chemicals to prevent it from decomposing naturally. Instead, the body and biodegradable casket naturally become a part of the earth, contributing to the environment rather than polluting it.

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  • Understanding the Rules and Regulations for Green Burials

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    A green burial is an eco-friendly burial service that is offered by some funeral homes and cemeteries. The Green Burial Council, the leading authority on green burial services in the United States, governs these funeral homes and cemeteries. Funeral homes and cemeteries that are certified by the Green Burial Council must adhere to strict rules and regulations during green burial services.

    A licensed funeral director at a funeral home that is certified to perform green burials will prepare the body for a green burial. He cannot use embalming methods that are formaldehyde-based, and he will use a biodegradable casket for the burial service. The casket used will be made of non-toxic materials, and manufactured by a company that uses eco-friendly processes that reduce pollution and harmful emissions.

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  • Advice for Planning a Green Funeral

    As people become more aware of the impact they have on the environment, they adopt more eco-friendly habits and traditions. Traditional burial services can exact a great toll on the earth’s resources. A green funeral or green burial can be a loving way to honor both the person who has passed, and the earth on which we live.

    Do Your Research

    While many funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoriums are going green, not all offer green burials and eco-friendly cremations. The Green Burial Council works with such organizations to help them develop and implement environmentally friendly burial and cremation practices that adhere to certain standards. A cemetery, funeral home, or crematorium that is certified by the Green Burial Council will have the best practices in place for meeting these eco-friendly requirements.

    Consider a Living Marker

    Whether you or your loved one has chosen cremation or a green burial, you can further your positive impact on the environment by choosing a living marker as a memorial. A living marker is a non-traditional grave marker or memorial site, such as a tree or public bench, that honors the person who has passed and also benefits the earth or the community.

    Understand the Difference Between a Green Burial and Cremation

    Cremation is a more eco-friendly option than a traditional burial, in that you are not taking up land or putting a non-biodegradable casket and chemicals into the earth. However, unless a crematorium offers green cremation, the cremation process still causes air pollution. A green burial does not use formaldehyde in their embalming process, and uses biodegradable, non-toxic caskets that have been made out of eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, cardboard, and jute.

    If you’re interested in learning more about green burials in San Mateo, visit us at Skylawn Memorial Park. We are one of the few funeral homes on the West Coast that is certified by the Green Burial Council, and we provide the community with a wide range of culturally diverse funeral, burial, and cremation services. For more information, visit our website or call (650) 445-0953.