• Advice for Choosing Pallbearers for a Funeral

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    Choosing pallbearers for a funeral ceremony doesn’t have to be an added source of stress when arranging a funeral. Pallbearers are typically immediate family members or close friends of the deceased. However, there are generally no strict rules about who can be a pallbearer.

    Some family members may not want to be pallbearers, because the ritual may be too upsetting for them in their time of grief. If a family member indicates that he doesn’t want to act as a pallbearer, you should respect his wishes and avoid pressuring him. Likewise, if a close friend or loved one of the deceased expresses a desire to be a pallbearer and there is room to accommodate him, you should let him participate. You can also ask other members of your family to help you in choosing pallbearers.

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  • Planning a Post-Funeral Reception

    When arranging a funeral service, it can be difficult to make plans for traditional customs that typically occur after the funeral service, such as a post-funeral reception. Oftentimes, funeral homes can provide support to mourning families by helping them plan a funeral service, burial service, and subsequent memorial service or reception.

    When speaking with the funeral services director at your funeral home, find out if the funeral home provides rooms for families to use for post-funeral receptions. The funeral services director should also be able to help you arrange catering services, and will make sure that information about the memorial or reception is included in the program for the funeral service.

    If you need help planning a funeral service reception or funeral ceremony near San Mateo, visit Skylawn Memorial Park. Our compassionate funeral service directors can arrange a funeral and reception that accommodate any unique religious or cultural needs of your family. For more information about the funeral services and grief support services we offer to the community, call us today at (650) 349-4411.

  • What You Need to Know About Planning a Memorial Service

    Planning funeral services is a challenge, especially when the planning comes alongside grieving the loss of a loved one. Fortunately, Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park can offer help with planning a funeral near San Mateo. When planning a funeral, keep in mind what the deceased would have wanted. Ask friends and family for suggestions. Plan to have photographs and other personal items of significance. Pick a funeral date to allow ample time for the guests’ travel arrangements. For tips on planning cremation or burial services, watch this video clip.

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  • What Is the Etiquette for Attending Jewish Funerals?

    Jewish Funeral Service

    If you’ve previously been to funeral services for an individual of the Christian faith, you will likely find that the funeral rites are similar for a Jewish funeral. However, there are some differences. Jewish funeral services usually do not include a visitation and they may be held at the funeral home, rather than at a synagogue. There may not be a graveside service at the cemetery; however, individuals who were especially close to the family or the deceased may be asked to accompany the casket to the burial plot.

    Dressing for the Funeral
    It is not generally expected that all of the mourners will wear an all-black outfit. This rule of thumb applies regardless of whether the decedent was of Christian or Jewish faith. However, if you do choose to wear colors other than black, choose somber, conservative colors. If you’re female, keep your makeup and jewelry minimal. If you’re male, you may be provided with a yarmulke to wear.

    Attending the Funeral
    Arrive at least a few minutes early to the funeral home. The funeral director will let you know where you should sit. Avoid approaching the family members and other mourners at this time. Instead, remain respectfully silent throughout the service or participate in the prayers if you’re familiar with them. Sometimes, at the end of the service, friends and distant relatives are asked to form two opposing lines. The immediate mourners will then walk between the lines. This is a symbolic gesture that the mourners are not alone in their grief.

    Offering Your Condolences
    To offer your condolences to the family members, write a brief note in the guest book at the funeral home. Avoid sending flowers to the home or to the funeral home. Instead, make a donation to a charity in the memory of the decedent. Another way to show that you care is to connect with the individuals who are organizing the reception. Ask whether you can bring food to the home while the family is sitting shiva.

    At Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, our funeral home professionals can help your family design funeral services in San Mateo that are in accordance with your loved one’s faith. Our memorial park provides a beautiful, serene place to reflect upon the cherished memories of your loved ones. If you have any questions about our respectful funeral options, call us at (650) 349-4411.

  • Pre-Planning for Cremation

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    Many people choose cremation because it offers flexible options for memorialization and funeral services. If you intend to pre-plan a funeral, you can visit a funeral home to explore your options. One option is a traditional cremation with a ceremony. You could arrange to have visitation before the cremation. Or, you might request that the visitation be held after the act of cremation. Some individuals prefer to choose minimal funeral services. Non-ceremonial cremation is available, which eliminates the visitation and service altogether.

    In addition to evaluating your cremation ceremony options, consider how you would like your surviving family members to handle the cremains. It is still possible to have a burial at a cemetery even if you choose cremation. Or, you might prefer that your ashes be scattered at a location that is meaningful to you. The funeral home representative can help you research any applicable legal limitations to scattering ashes in public places.

    At Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, we make it as easy as possible for individuals to pre-plan cremation services in San Mateo. Give us a call at (650) 349-4411 to speak with a friendly funeral home representative or visit our website to get started with our online pre-planning form.