• Advice for Making a Donation in Lieu of Flowers

    Some families request that guests of a funeral service, cremation service, or burial service make donations to a charitable organization in lieu of sending flowers to the funeral home. When making your charitable donation, you should contribute at least what you would have spent on a flower arrangement.

    Be sure to include a note or message explaining that the donation is in memory of the deceased. Cash is not typically sent to the grieving family instead of a charitable donation, though some families may request that mourners contribute to a fund meant to cover the expenses of the funeral or cremation services, burial plot, cemetery fees, embalming costs, casket, or cremation urn. It is acceptable to mention your charitable donation in your sympathy note or at the funeral service.

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  • Funeral Flower Arrangements

    A graceful floral arrangement can lift the spirits of surviving family members and pay tribute to the life that was lost. It is appropriate to send flower arrangements to the funeral home for the visitation. Or, you may wish to send a floral basket to the family’s home after the funeral services to let them know that they are in your thoughts. If you’re having trouble selecting a floral arrangement to send to the family, consider what the decedent’s favorite flower was. Or, choose an arrangement that predominantly features his or her favorite color.

    For more helpful advice on funeral flower arrangements, watch this video. It features a professional flower designer who discusses how a traditional standing wreath with beautiful white roses may be used to commemorate a loved one who has been cremated.

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  • The Meaning Behind Different Funeral Flowers

    Flowers are commonly found at memorial and funeral services. Family members of the deceased may include floral arrangements in the funeral service and friends often send flowers and floral pieces as signs of respect and sympathy during this difficult time.

    It is important to learn about different flower options, as different flowers have different meanings that are appropriate for various situations. Lilies are commonly seen during funeral services. These beautiful flowers represent innocence, making them a symbolic choice that can honor a deceased loved one. Roses are also popular after a loved one’s passing, with a variety of colors that can represent different aspects of a person’s humanity and relationships with those still on Earth. Carnations are another wonderful choice. Pink carnations symbolize remembrance, white carnations symbolize innocence, and red carnations symbolize admiration. You might also choose chrysanthemums, which symbolize death and the grieving process in many countries and cultures around the world.

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