• What Do Christian Faiths Say About Cremation?

    Cremation differs from a traditional burial in that the body is reduced to ash and bone fragments using heat. However, these remains can be buried in a cemetery or memorial park, just like a physical body.

    Many Christians have wondered whether cremation will affect their spiritual future. In this video, you will learn that cremation does not differ from traditional burial services in the eyes of God. Thus, the choice of cremation versus more traditional burial services is entirely personal.

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  • Tips for Discussing Cremation with Your Family

    Cremation has become increasingly popular among Americans over the past several decades; today, nearly half of Americans opt for cremation services over traditional burial services. There are many good reasons to choose cremation services, including cost, convenience, personal preference, and environmental impact. If you are considering cremation near San Mateo, it’s important to discuss your wishes with your family; you can opt to have this conversation at any age and at any time to open the lines of communication regarding your preferences after death.

    Be Open and Honest

    Discussing your wishes regarding your death and funeral services can feel embarrassing or strange, regardless of whether you are in perfect health or require end-of-life care. However, being open and honest with your family about your wishes is the best way to ensure they understand those wishes so your plan can be followed after your death. Be prepared to answer questions and provide details about your decisions—you may find it helpful to write out your funeral and cremation plans or desires ahead of time so you have a clear plan before you reach out to your family.

    Provide Funeral Planning Documentation

    Funeral pre-planning and pre-payment allows you to plan and pay for cremation and funeral services at any point in time. If you have opted for any form of pre-planning, make sure to have this documentation available and provide your family with a copy for their own records. Letting your family know the funeral home or crematorium you have chosen will alleviate confusion or worry; you should also make sure that your crematorium and funeral home have copies of your wishes on file, as well as the contact information for your preferred next of kin.

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  • Pre-Planning a Funeral That Includes Cremation

    When you pre-plan a funeral, you’ll have to make many personal, important decisions about your funeral home, cemetery, burial plot, and funeral ceremony. One of the biggest decisions that you’ll make is whether to choose traditional burial services, or opt for cremation services. Here are some tips for pre-planning a funeral that includes cremation services.

    Pick a Funeral Home that Offers Cremation and Funeral Pre-Planning

    You should look for a funeral home that also has an on-site crematorium, as their services might be less expensive and more varied. When you visit potential funeral homes, ask the funeral home’s director about their funeral pre-planning process, and precisely which memorial, funeral, and cremation services they offer.

    Choose Your Cremation Services

    Much like with a traditional burial service at a cemetery, you have a choice between different types of cremation services. You can choose to have a viewing or funeral ceremony prior to cremation, or hold a memorial service after cremation. You can also hold a burial service at the time that the cremated remains are entombed in a burial plot or columbarium. The cremation services that you choose will depend primarily upon how you want the funeral home to handle the cremated remains.

    Determine Which Cremation Products You’ll Need for Remains

    Before you determine which cremation products you’ll need, you’ll want to decide how to handle your cremated remains. Most funeral homes that have on-site crematoriums offer a range of cremation products depending upon whether the cremains will be buried in a burial plot, scattered, part of a green burial service, entombed in a memorial park, or kept by family members. You can consider biodegradable urns, memorial urns, or cremation jewelry.

    If you’re interested in learning more about pre-planning a funeral that includes cremation services near San Mateo, come see us at Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park. We offer a variety of cremation services that can be modified depending upon cultural or religious preferences. To learn more about pre-planning a funeral and cremation services at our funeral home and crematorium, call us today at (650) 349-4411.

  • Questions to Ask Your Funeral Home About Cremation

    Cremation Funeral San Mateo

    If you’ve decided to pre-plan your own cremation or you’re carrying out the wishes of a family member who has recently passed away, you can find all the information you need at a funeral home. Before you go to your appointment at the funeral home, you may wish to write down any questions you may have. This is particularly important in the wake of the passing of a loved one, since grief has a way of clouding one’s ability to think clearly.

    Questions About the Cremation
    It is of the utmost importance that you choose a funeral home that follows strict protocols regarding the respectful handling of the deceased and the manner in which the cremation is carried out. You may wish to ask the funeral director whether the facility has an on-site crematory. Ask how often the crematory is inspected, whether the licenses and permits are current, and whether the operators are certified. You might also want to ask whether family members are allowed to witness the cremation.

    Questions About Cremation Ceremonies
    Another set of questions you can ask the funeral director involves the cremation ceremonies. You should be able to honor the memory of your loved one in the way that your family prefers. Ask the funeral director whether flexible options are available, such as visitation prior to cremation, visitation after cremation, and non-ceremonial cremation. This is particularly important if your deceased loved one has specified the services he or she wanted.

    Questions About Cemetery Cremation
    Consider asking the funeral director whether the facility has a memorial park that provides cemetery cremation options. Many families prefer to inter the ashes of their loved ones at permanent memorial sites. This provides a gathering place for surviving family members to share their memories. You could ask whether the funeral home offers columbarium, cremation pedestals, glass front niches, or other options.

    The funeral home professionals at Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park are always happy to answer the questions of family members. At our funeral home in San Mateo, we provide respectful cremation services, cemetery cremation, and grief counseling. You can reach us at (650) 349-4411.

  • What Are Your Options for Scattering and Sharing After Cremation?

    Funeral Home San Mateo

    Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park performs cremations onsite. If you are considering cremation services near San Mateo, Skylawn has many different options to offer. Before or after the cremation process, many people choose to have a ceremony in which guests honor the life of the deceased. Memorialization options after cremation are many and are not limited to in-ground burial. Scattering is one of the common options, which involves scattering the cremated ashes over land or water. Another popular option is sharing, which is when the remains are kept in a special container, or multiple containers so that each member of the family can choose what to do with the remains.

    At Skylawn, we will give you the remains in a container that can be used for scattering, or let you pick from our selection of urns and jewelry applications if you prefer sharing. To learn more, visit our website or call us at (650) 349-4411.