• Feng Shui Burial Traditions [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When planning a funeral and burial for a loved one, honoring your family’s cultural traditions can play an important role. For people of Chinese descent, that can mean incorporating feng shui into the funeral arrangements. There are many feng shui principles that apply to funerals, particularly when it comes to choosing burial services. Feng shui principles dictate everything from the best burial sites to the direction the deceased should be facing. To help families honor feng shui principles when they arrange a funeral, Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park is pleased to have Clifford Yee on staff as director of Asian Affairs. Yee is an expert in Asian funeral traditions and provides families with needed guidance during the funeral planning process. Find out more in this infographic from Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, and please consider helping other families in need by sharing this information about our cemetery and funeral home services.

  • Clifford Yee Joins Skylawn Memorial Park to Direct Asian Affairs Division

    Skylawn Memorial Park announced Clifford Yee as its new Director of Asian Affairs. As head of the newly-formed division, Yee will lead his team in providing end-of-life services tailored to the needs of the growing Asian and Asian American communities in San Mateo and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

    A veteran in the funeral services industry, Yee brings more than 25 years of experience to his new role at Skylawn after having previously served in senior roles at two other Bay Area memorial parks. Yee has worked with families for many years to incorporate traditional Chinese funeral practices and traditions into end-of-life services. He has also played an integral role in building community relations among those in the Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Filipino communities.

    “Helping families make sense of Asian funeral traditions is the most rewarding part of my job and I’m honored to help people understand the customs of their culture,” said Yee. “Funeral service planning is an emotional experience, so we’re here to do whatever we can to help loved ones uphold and embrace longstanding cultural practices that may otherwise be lost.”

    Yee’s commitment to preserving cultural traditions within the Asian community supports his goal of empowering families and loved ones through increased knowledge and connections to their cultural backgrounds.

    “In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience in the funeral services industry, the genuine and personalized care that Clifford delivers to our clients provides much-needed comfort and support to families during the difficult grieving process,” said Brian Kestenblatt, general manager at Skylawn Memorial Park. “As the Asian American population continues to grow in the Bay Area, Clifford will play an important role in ensuring that the community’s specific needs and traditions are fulfilled.”

    Yee is a native of San Francisco and a third-generation Chinese American. Considered one of the foremost experts in Chinese funeral culture, he has presented multiple lectures for various groups including the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center, San Francisco Presbyterian Church in Chinatown, Buddha’s Universal Church, San Francisco Methodist Church and Cumberland Church. Yee is a member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco and the Chinese American Citizen Alliance, among other organizations.

    MEDIA, PLEASE NOTE: To request an interview with Clifford Yee or Brian Kestenblatt, please contact Elena Fuhrmann at (415) 359-2304 or northstar@landispr.com.