• Funeral Pre-Planning and Pre-Payments: Understanding Your Options

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    When it comes to preparing for the future, a prearranged funeral service offers many advantages. If you’re interested in this method of planning ahead, then continue reading to learn about your pre-planning and pre-payment options.

    Securing Your Wishes
    Because many people dislike thinking about their own passing, they fail to put their preferences in writing. Not only does this leave the surviving family with a lot of guesswork, but it also means that no one may realize, for example, that the deceased wanted to be cremated instead of buried. Funeral pre-planning helps ensure that your wishes are known and allows you to state which options you would like for your funeral and burial.

    Reducing Funeral Costs
    Another important fact to know about funeral pre-planning is that this option can make your funeral more affordable. If you choose to pre-plan your funeral service and begin making payments now, you may be able to lock in today’s prices and save on the total costs of your funeral and burial. In addition to this, taking care of the finances associated with holding a funeral can remove the burden of doing so from your family after you’re gone.

    Personalizing Your Service
    As stated, choosing to pre-plan a funeral can potentially reduce overall costs by locking in current pricing. However, if you have been putting off pre-planning your funeral because of expenses, then it’s important to realize that you don’t have to pre-pay to pre-plan. Pre-planning without paying in advance still offers benefits and helps ensure that your wishes will be followed upon your passing.

    Planning Your Estate
    Most people have an estate that should be factored in during the funeral pre-planning process. Unfortunately, accidents or illness can strike at any time, so it’s important to consider which individuals or organizations you want your belongings, wealth, and property to go to. For this reason, considering your estate planning options while pre-planning your funeral can be a wise decision.

    If you would like to pre-plan a funeral in San Mateo, then please contact Skylawn Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411 for information about our services and location.

  • Questions to Ask When You Are Planning a Funeral

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    The shock of a loved one’s sudden passing can have a numbing, surreal effect. You’ll need to go to the funeral home for the arrangement conference fairly soon after the death, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be thinking clearly at this time. Take a family member with you. If possible, have a non-family member drive, as it might not be safe for you to do so just yet. You can use the time in the car to write down a list of your questions about the funeral planning process.

    What information and documents do I need?
    One of your first questions should be asked while on the phone with the funeral home director, before you leave for the conference. The funeral director will need some basic information and perhaps a few documents. These may include:

    • The hospice’s or doctor’s contact information
    • Name of the next of kin
    • Decedent’s full name, birthday, and Social Security number
    • Veteran information/discharge papers
    • Photographs of the decedent
    • Personal items

    The personal items include burial clothing, shoes, eyeglasses, dentures, jewelry, and remembrance items, assuming that your loved one will have a visitation or burial. You may wish to meet with the funeral director first, and have these items sent over later on.

    Did my loved one have a pre-need funeral plan?
    Some families use the same memorial park for decades, preferring to be memorialized or buried together. Your loved one may have already made a pre-need plan with that facility. The funeral director can find this information for you.

    Can my loved one receive military honors?
    If your loved one was killed in the line of duty, or he or she was honorably discharged or separated from the military, he or she is entitled to receive military honors at the funeral. The director will give you all the information you need regarding the military rites and death benefits.

    Skylawn Memorial Park understands that after a sudden loss, it’s difficult to plan a funeral for a loved one in San Mateo. We’re here to guide you through the process—from making big decisions regarding cremation or burial, to the smaller touches that make the ceremony truly reflective of your loved one’s personality. Call us at (650) 349-4411 and let us serve your family during this difficult time.