• Advice for Honoring Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

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    Weddings are a special time for family and friends, and when you’ve lost a loved one, the feelings of grief can resurface, no matter how long ago the funeral services were. Although your loved one is gone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t include him or her in your ceremony. Consider these ideas for honoring your lost loved ones at your wedding ceremony.

    Create a Photo Display
    A photo display is a simple and memorable way to honor family and friends who have passed away. Display framed photos of your loved ones or create a picture collage using photos of lost family members from both the bride and groom. Include a poem or statement explaining the photos so that your guests understand why your display is so meaningful.

    Sew Mementos into Your Wedding Attire
    Keep a special loved one close to you throughout your wedding ceremony by having a photo or other memento, such as a note, stitched into the lining of the bride’s wedding dress or tucked into the bride’s purse or the groom’s jacket. You may also opt to have a piece of your loved one’s clothing added to your own. For instance, you could sew some of your mother’s wedding gown into your wedding outfit, or you could cut a piece of a cloth from your grandfather’s shirt to sew into your clothing to use as your “something old.”

    Make a Donation in Lieu of Gifts
    Rather than purchasing wedding favors, make a charitable donation in the name of the deceased. Choose a cause that was close to the person’s heart or contribute to a medical research fund for the illness that affected him or her. Create a note for your guests informing them of the donation and your reason for the tribute.

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  • When Should You Write Funeral Thank-You Notes?

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    The grief associated with losing a loved one can linger long after the funeral service is complete. While going through a difficult time like this, people sometimes wonder when it is appropriate to send thank-you notes and how long they can delay this task as they cope with their loss.

    Acknowledging the support and acts of kindness you have experienced is important, but it can be difficult to prioritize this while you are grieving. However, you should know that while there isn’t an official time frame, it’s considered ideal to write these cards within a few weeks of the funeral ceremony. If you do not feel emotionally prepared to do this, however, you can wait until you are ready or ask another family member to take care of the thank-you notes on your behalf.

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  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Funeral Etiquette

    Many individuals feel unsure about what should be worn to or said at a funeral service. If this sounds like you, then watch this video for tips on demonstrating dignity and respect when attending a funeral ceremony.

    After being notified of the death, reach out to the family to offer your condolences using a handwritten letter. During the service, it’s important to show respect, and you can do this by listening, participating, and keeping your cell phone turned off. Also, do not wear jeans, a golf shirt, shorts, or similar options. Instead, opt for a black, charcoal, or navy suit with a white double cuff shirt, a simple tie, and black dress shoes.

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