Honoring Deceased Veterans on Memorial Day

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For many families, Memorial Day is just another three-day weekend that provides a good excuse to dust off the BBQ set. But for families of deceased veterans, it’s a poignant day marked by equal parts pride and sorrow. It’s a time to revisit the funeral home or memorial park to pay your respects and reflect on the decedent’s life of sacrifice.

Gravesite Visits
On Memorial Day, it’s customary for families of deceased veterans to visit the memorial park where their loved one is buried. The family may wish to offer prayers at the gravesite or share their favorite memories of their loved one. Placing flowers is a thoughtful gesture and planting small American flags is a tradition, but it’s always wise to check with the funeral home first. Some cemeteries have policies about the placement of personal items. After a somber visit to the gravesite, some people find it difficult to adjust back to everyday life. Consider taking the family to a group activity that the deceased loved one would have enjoyed. If the veteran was an avid golfer, perhaps the family could go to a mini golf course to honor his or her memory.

National Moment of Remembrance
The National Moment of Remembrance takes place every Memorial Day at 3 p.m. local time. Take one minute to pause from daily activities and reflect on the sacrifice of veterans.

American Flag
The American flag is a familiar sight at homes across the country. On Memorial Day, custom dictates that the flag ought to be flown at half-staff from morning until noon. From noon until sunset, the flag ought to be flown at full-staff.

Community Involvement
Another way to honor deceased veterans on Memorial Day is to spend some time in service to living veterans. There are many non-profit organizations dedicated to helping veterans and their families. Find one that is most meaningful to you and volunteer your time or make a charitable donation in memory of your loved one.

Skylawn Memorial Park is honored to serve veterans and their families. We invite families to visit our beautiful, serene memorial park in San Mateo this Memorial Day to honor their loved ones. You can contact our funeral home at (650) 349-4411 if you have any questions about laying flowers or personal items.

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