How to Write a Note of Condolence

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Have you been invited to attend a funeral service for someone who had passed away? If so, then you may have questions about how to show your sympathy toward the family. One common and appreciated method is to send a condolence letter.

First, be aware that a note of condolence should be sent promptly and that if you are planning to attend the funeral ceremony, it is acceptable to leave the letter in the collection box or basket. When composing the note, handwrite it on a piece of stationary, if possible. Also, try to write in your own voice and be sure to acknowledge the loss and use the deceased’s name. Then, express your sympathy, mention any of the deceased’s qualities, and include a favorite memory. Finally, remind the surviving family member of his or her own strengths and offer to help in a specific way before ending the note with a thoughtful expression of sympathy.

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