How Grief Affects Your Physical Health

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As many people realize, their grief doesn’t end following the funeral service after losing a friend or loved one. If someone close to you recently passed on, then the emotions that you will experience during this time can significantly impact your life. Continue reading to learn how grief can affect your physical health.

Extreme Fatigue
Among the most common symptoms that people report while they are grieving is exhaustion. It’s not unusual for people to struggle with insomnia and to feel so tired that everyday tasks feel like a challenge, and the tiredness that they experience can lead them to feel weak and fragile. The fatigue that you may experience while you grieve can make it challenging to stick to your normal routine of activities like preparing healthy meals and getting daily exercise.

Abdominal Pain
Many people describe what they are feeling after losing a loved one as heartache, but true physical pain is not uncommon. The brain’s site for emotional pain recognition is located near the part that interprets sensations like pain from the abdominal organs. Because of this, emotional suffering can lead the brain to release neurochemicals that can cause you to experience pain in your chest and abdomen. Additionally, the chemicals that make you feel good, norepinephrine and serotonin, are abnormally low in the brains of grieving individuals.

Heart Health
The feelings of heartbreak that people report are significant in another way because the stress hormones that are associated with grief can lead to cardiac problems. Acute stress can cause cardiomyopathy, and research has shown that the incidences of acute heart attack increase drastically during the first 24 hours following the loss of a loved one, with the rates gradually dropping each subsequent day.

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