What to Expect at a Traditional Chinese Funeral

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Funeral services vary across cultures and religions. If a friend or family member has recently invited you to attend a traditional Chinese funeral, you may be wondering about what you can expect during the service. While Chinese funerals follow certain culturally distinct traditions, other aspects of the funeral service may be familiar to people of other faiths and cultural backgrounds. To help you prepare for an upcoming service, here is a look at what you can expect at a traditional Chinese funeral.

Respect for Elders
Funeral preparations in Chinese culture often begin before the deceased person has passed. Since Chinese culture places a high degree of respect towards elders, the younger generations of the family are typically in charge of making all of the funeral arrangements. The children of the deceased may be in charge of arranging the funeral service and ordering the casket.

Offerings Placed Around the Casket
A Chinese funeral features a wake or viewing service. During this time, friends and family members of the deceased are able to pay their respects and pray for the dead. When you attend a traditional Chinese funeral, you may notice that offerings of food, incense, and money are placed around the casket. Placing these items is way of showing respect for the dead.

Color Sensitive Attire
As you are preparing to attend a traditional Chinese funeral, it is important to learn about what colors you should wear to the service. Customarily, guests at the funeral will wear subdued colors, such as black or brown. White is also an acceptable color to wear to a Chinese funeral. However, it is important to avoid wearing red clothing or jewelry, as this color is considered inappropriate at a funeral service.

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