• Choosing Readings for a Funeral

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    Traditional Christian funeral services include the reading of one or more passages of scripture from the Bible. When you are making preparations for a loved ones funeral ceremony, you may want to pick out readings that hold special significance for your loved one. Commonly, funeral readings include a passage from the Old Testament, a Psalm, and a passage from the New Testament. If you are planning a funeral service that is not strictly in the Christian tradition, you may want to consider including a non-religious reading in the service.

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  • How to Deliver a Eulogy

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    Eulogies give individuals an opportunity to celebrate and honor the life of a friend or loved one who has passed on. If you’re planning to deliver a eulogy for a funeral service, then there are several helpful tips for you to keep in mind.

    To deliver a eulogy, start by taking some time to reflect on the memories and experiences that you shared with the deceased and writing down anything that you would like to mention. Next, decide what type of eulogy you would like to give. Funerals typically include either a short biographical eulogy or one that gives a personal viewpoint of the person’s life. Sometimes, both types of eulogies are given.

    After writing your eulogy, read it aloud several times so you can hear what it sounds like and edit it as needed. Once you have refined the speech, print the eulogy double spaced and bring a spare copy with you to the funeral service. Finally, keep a bottle of water with you to prevent your mouth from becoming dry before your speech.

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  • Touring the Skyview Garden at Skyview Memorial Park

    At Skylawn Memorial Park, we are proud to feature the Skylawn Garden on our grounds. Whether you are visiting us to attend funeral services, or you would simply like to tour a beautiful garden, we invite you to tour our beautifully landscaped gardens. When creating the Skyview Garden, Master Clarence Lau used Feng Shui design principles. Feng Shui is a Chinese system of design principles that guide the placement of objects and plants.

    If you would like to visit the Skyview Garden at Skyview Memorial Park, give us a call at (650) 349-4411. We are pleased to offer funeral services at our cemetery in San Mateo, and our grounds will offer a beautiful and serene final resting ground for your loved one. We look forward to providing you with a tour of our memorial park.

  • Finding Comfort at a Grief Support Group

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    After a friend or family member passes away, you may find yourself going through the different stages of grief. In order to receive support during this trying time, you may want to inquire about grief counseling services that are offered at your funeral home. When you attend a grief support group, you will learn valuable skills that can help you cope with your grief. Here are three ways that a grief support group can help you find comfort after a loved one has passed.

    Receive Support and Understanding
    When you attend a grief support group, you will be surrounded by other people who are experiencing grief, loss, and other emotions. By talking through your feelings in a supportive and understanding environment, you may find that you are able to better process your emotions. Hearing the grief stories that are shared by others may also help you to feel less alone in your feelings of loss.

    Learn Important Coping Skills
    During a grief support group session, a counselor may provide you and the other members of the group with tools and resources that can be used to help cope with grief. From reading articles to practicing stress management techniques, your support group may provide you with the tools that you need to resume your daily activities.

    Express Your Story
    As you spend time with the other members of your support group, you may find that it is easier to talk about your feelings of loss and grief. By expressing your feelings through talking and journaling, you will be able to remember your loved one in a caring and supportive environment.

    At Skylawn Memorial Park, we understand that grief and healing are important parts of the burial process. For this reason, we offer grief support services to the family and friends of deceased loved ones. When you plan burial services at our crematorium in San Mateo, we will be happy to provide you with grief counseling. Give us a call at (650) 349-4411 to hear more about the quality funeral services that we have to offer.

  • What to Expect at a Traditional Chinese Funeral

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    Funeral services vary across cultures and religions. If a friend or family member has recently invited you to attend a traditional Chinese funeral, you may be wondering about what you can expect during the service. While Chinese funerals follow certain culturally distinct traditions, other aspects of the funeral service may be familiar to people of other faiths and cultural backgrounds. To help you prepare for an upcoming service, here is a look at what you can expect at a traditional Chinese funeral.

    Respect for Elders
    Funeral preparations in Chinese culture often begin before the deceased person has passed. Since Chinese culture places a high degree of respect towards elders, the younger generations of the family are typically in charge of making all of the funeral arrangements. The children of the deceased may be in charge of arranging the funeral service and ordering the casket.

    Offerings Placed Around the Casket
    A Chinese funeral features a wake or viewing service. During this time, friends and family members of the deceased are able to pay their respects and pray for the dead. When you attend a traditional Chinese funeral, you may notice that offerings of food, incense, and money are placed around the casket. Placing these items is way of showing respect for the dead.

    Color Sensitive Attire
    As you are preparing to attend a traditional Chinese funeral, it is important to learn about what colors you should wear to the service. Customarily, guests at the funeral will wear subdued colors, such as black or brown. White is also an acceptable color to wear to a Chinese funeral. However, it is important to avoid wearing red clothing or jewelry, as this color is considered inappropriate at a funeral service.

    When you are planning funeral services for a loved one, be sure to get in touch with Skylawn Memorial Park. We can help you arrange a funeral in San Mateo, and we also offer green burials. For more information about our multicultural funeral services, give us a call at (650) 349-4411.