• Who to Call When a Death Occurs

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    When a death occurs, the first step you should take is to notify your local authorities. If the death occurs at home, this is best achieved by calling 911; when a person dies in a hospital, the staff can notify authorities for you. Next, contact close family members to discuss memorial services. If the deceased had made arrangements for funeral services through pre-planning or as part of a will, you’ll need to contact the funeral home with which the arrangements were made. In the case of a death without a funeral plan, you should contact the funeral home of your choice to arrange for the services you would like. This process can take time, and your funeral home staff can provide answers, support, and other guidance during this time.

    Whether you have lost a loved one who made funeral arrangements prior to his death or are just beginning the process of planning a funeral, please call Skylawn Memorial Park today at (650) 349-4411. We can help your family with professional planning for funerals and cremation services in San Mateo —you can visit our website for more details about cremation, burial, and funeral planning.

  • Supporting Someone Who Is Grieving

    Grief and sadness are a natural part of death. Although each individual feels and shows grief differently, there are many ways you can support a friend or loved one experiencing grief.

    In this video, you will learn a few helpful strategies for supporting a grieving friend. Simply spending time with your friend and providing a sympathetic ear are often the best ways to offer support. Additionally, taking over tasks such as grocery shopping or meal preparation can provide a much-needed break for a friend who is struggling with loss.

    At Skylawn Memorial Park, we understand that losing a loved one is a difficult experience. In addition to our cremation and funeral services, we also offer professional grief support and grief counseling in San Mateo. You can reach our funeral home staff by phone at (650) 349-4411 or contact us via our website.

  • Choosing Pallbearers for a Funeral Ceremony

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    Pallbearers play a major role in many different types of funeral services. A pallbearer is an individual who is responsible for carrying a casket when it must be moved, typically from the location of the funeral ceremony to the cemetery burial plot. Choosing the pallbearers for a loved one’s funeral ceremony is an important task that often falls to the family during the funeral planning process.

    Physical Capabilities
    Because the pallbearers serve a practical function during a funeral service, it’s important to take an individual’s physical capabilities into consideration before choosing him for this role. Caskets often weigh 100—300 pounds, not including the body, and may need to be carried over unpaved or uneven ground. Six to eight pallbearers are typically chosen to handle this task, but it’s still important to consider that each pallbearer will need the ability to safely carry significant weight over possibly slippery or sloped terrain.

    Personal Characteristics
    Pallbearers are often close family members or friends of the deceased. A pallbearer may be either a man or a woman, and can be chosen from among close or extended family, as well as friends, colleagues, and students. When choosing pallbearers, it’s important to consider that this may be an emotionally difficult task for those who are grieving. Rather than assuming an individual will serve as a pallbearer, it’s best to approach each individually and ask if they feel comfortable with this role. Alternatively, your funeral home can provide staff members capable of serving as pallbearers if you don’t wish to ask friends and family or cannot find enough individuals to carry the casket.

    If you have questions or would like assistance with any aspect of funeral planning, Skylawn Memorial Park is here to help. We can provide support and guidance for funeral services, cremation ceremonies, and more to ensure your loved one receives a personalized and loving memorial service. Please visit our website or call (650) 349-4411 to discuss burial and cremation near San Mateo.

  • Advice for Keeping Family Disputes Out of Funeral Planning

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    Planning a funeral can be a difficult time, especially when you are still grieving the loss of a cherished loved one. During this time, it’s normal for family disputes to arise regarding the funeral services you want; furthermore, existing disagreements can make it difficult to work together with family members during the funeral planning process. Keeping a few simple tips in mind can help you navigate disputes and reduce tension to ensure that your loved one’s funeral or memorial service is a time for family remembrance and support.

    Keep Open Lines of Communication
    Following a death, it’s vital to remain in contact with your family members as you plan the funeral or memorial service. Keeping everyone on the same page will reduce misunderstandings and prevent multiple family members from trying to handle the burden of arranging for the funeral, burial, or cremation on their own. Maintaining communication also allows family members to provide support for each other during this time of grief, which can play an important role in soothing disagreements and reducing feelings of isolation.

    Opt for Pre-Planning
    If you are concerned with a family dispute that may arise from planning your own funeral, you can reduce the potential for tension by working with a funeral home to pre-plan and pay for the funeral services you would like for yourself. Oftentimes, the existence of a funeral plan arranged prior to death will prevent disputes because there is no guesswork regarding your wishes and no need to worry about payment for funeral services.

    At Skylawn Memorial Park, our funeral home in San Mateo offers a variety of funeral, burial and cremation services to help your family find the solution that fits. We also offer assistance with funeral pre-planning and ongoing grief support for families after the loss of a loved one. You can learn more about our funeral home, cemetery, and memorial park on the web, or reach us today for assistance by calling (650) 349-4411.