How Adult Children Can Help Their Parents with Funeral Pre-Planning

After death, funeral services provide an opportunity for those left behind to celebrate the life of a loved one and find support in the closeness of family and friends. However, funeral planning need not wait until after your loved one has passed away, or even until he is gravely ill. Funeral pre-planning provides the opportunity for individuals to ensure their wishes regarding their own funeral services are heard and observed; if your parents are considering this process, there are several ways in which you can provide help and support.

Take the Initiative

Funeral planning can occur at any stage of life; in fact, funeral pre-planning should ideally occur when you and your parents are healthy and capable of making sound decisions. If your parents have not yet discussed their funeral wishes with you, take the initiative and ask whether they have made plans or arrangements, and whether they have preferences regarding burial or cremation. Offering your assistance with research or drafting up documentation can help your parents turn what may be vague wishes regarding their funeral services into a functional plan that you can follow.

Be Respectful

It’s important to remember that you and your parents may have very different views regarding issues such as burial, cremation, and funeral traditions or ceremonies. However, each individual is entitled to their own personal preferences; during any discussion with your parents, keep in mind that their wishes may not be the type of funeral arrangements you would like for yourself, or even the arrangements you thought your parents might make. Asking respectful questions will open the line for discussion so you can reach an agreement that is right for your entire family.

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