• We Honor Our Fallen Heros

    Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with our city of #Dallas, the law enforcement community, DART, and those impacted by this tragedy.

    You may use our online tribute page to send your thoughts to fallen officer’s families. You can also comment on this Facebook thread or come into our funeral home and sign a dedicated registry book. Your comments will be packaged up and sent to the families of the fallen officers.

    For more information, visit us online.

  • How Adult Children Can Help Their Parents with Funeral Pre-Planning

    After death, funeral services provide an opportunity for those left behind to celebrate the life of a loved one and find support in the closeness of family and friends. However, funeral planning need not wait until after your loved one has passed away, or even until he is gravely ill. Funeral pre-planning provides the opportunity for individuals to ensure their wishes regarding their own funeral services are heard and observed; if your parents are considering this process, there are several ways in which you can provide help and support.

    Take the Initiative

    Funeral planning can occur at any stage of life; in fact, funeral pre-planning should ideally occur when you and your parents are healthy and capable of making sound decisions. If your parents have not yet discussed their funeral wishes with you, take the initiative and ask whether they have made plans or arrangements, and whether they have preferences regarding burial or cremation. Offering your assistance with research or drafting up documentation can help your parents turn what may be vague wishes regarding their funeral services into a functional plan that you can follow.

    Be Respectful

    It’s important to remember that you and your parents may have very different views regarding issues such as burial, cremation, and funeral traditions or ceremonies. However, each individual is entitled to their own personal preferences; during any discussion with your parents, keep in mind that their wishes may not be the type of funeral arrangements you would like for yourself, or even the arrangements you thought your parents might make. Asking respectful questions will open the line for discussion so you can reach an agreement that is right for your entire family.

    At Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, we have the resources and the experience to help families with funeral planning in San Mateo. Our funeral home offers a variety of services, including burial services, cremation services, and grief support services. If you’d like more information on how to pre-plan a funeral or cremation, please visit our website or call us at (650) 349-4411.

  • Resolving Misconception About Green Burial

    Green burial is an increasingly common choice for people who are committed to living environmentally friendly lifestyles and wish to find a way to honor these convictions in death. However, myths about green burials can prevent people and their loved ones that survive them from making informed decisions during the funeral planning process. If you are considering green burial as you pre-plan your funeral or plan a funeral service for a loved one, here is the truth behind some common misconceptions.

    Myth: Green burial is illegal.

    Many people incorrectly believe that green burial is illegal. In reality, most local and state ordinances allow green burial, whether the burial involves using an eco-friendly vault or no vault at all. Many cemeteries don’t allow green burial, and often, people mistake these rules for actual laws rather than cemetery policies. Green burial is almost certain to be legal in your area, but you must find a cemetery that can accommodate it.

    Myth: Green burial contaminates ground water.

    A persistent myth about green burial is that burying people without using vaults can contaminate the water supply. There have been many studies into this concern, including in England, where green burial is the norm, and all have shown that there is no impact on groundwater supplies. In fact, because green cemeteries don’t use fertilizers or fuels that could cause toxic runoff, water near green cemeteries is often cleaner than water in other areas.

    Myth: Green burial can interfere with funeral services.

    Some people worry that green techniques, such as not embalming the deceased, can interfere with the funeral planning process and the ability to have services. However, green burial is completely compatible with any kind of funeral you wish to plan. The burial has no effect on your memorial plans.

    If you have questions about green burial in San Mateo, call Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park. We offer comprehensive funeral planning services that are easily personalized for each family’s unique needs. Find out more by calling (650) 349-4411.

  • Dealing with Nervousness About Delivering a Eulogy

    Eulogies are often part of funeral services; however, it is common to feel nervous about delivering a eulogy, whether you are worried about becoming emotional during the funeral ceremony or because you dislike speaking in front of an audience. If you are worried about delivering a eulogy, keeping a few simple tips in mind can make this process easier. Don’t be afraid to keep your eulogy short—eulogies needn’t provide an entire life overview, but should simply illustrate the things you treasure most about your loved one. While some eulogies are humorous or clever, sticking to a more traditional format may be easier to write. Keep notecards or a written copy of your speech with you for reference, and bring a bottle of water to sip from for a moment of respite if you feel nervous or emotional at any time during your speech.

    Funeral services provide a safe and supportive place to remember the life of a loved one. At Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, we offer funeral planning, cremation, and burial services near San Mateo. You can find out more about our funeral home and memorial park when you visit us online, or by calling (650) 349-4411.

  • Meaningful Elements That Can Personalize a Funeral Service

    Funeral services are important opportunities for family and friends to come together to say goodbye to someone they loved and to celebrate his or her life. By adding elements to the service that make it feel personal, you can create a fitting tribute to a lost loved one that truly reflects his or her life. There are many ways to personalize funeral services, including these examples.


    Music can play an especially important role in funerals. You don’t have to stick to standard selections. Instead, consider using favorite songs of your lost loved one or songs that will trigger special memories. By handpicking music that has relevance to your loved one and your family and friends, you will create a service that resonates with everyone in attendance and helps them focus on good memories. Your funeral home can help you prepare the music for the funeral ceremony, whether you choose to use recorded music or bring in musicians or vocalists to perform your choices.

    Caisson Services

    Caisson services, in which the vault is carried to the burial site by horses, is common for military funerals and is used in Arlington National Cemetery. However, these services are not exclusively for deceased military members and can easily be incorporated into any funeral service. Many families appreciate the solemnness of the procession. Talk to your funeral home about arranging a caisson when you are planning the service.


    If you wish to give your funeral guests a keepsake that commemorates your loved one but want something different than standard funeral cards, consider wristbands. The bands can be printed with your loved one’s name and any message you wish, so that guests can keep this reminder with them. You can also choose colors that honor a cause close to the heart of your lost loved one, such as pink for breast cancer awareness.

    Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park has extensive Signature Services to enhance and personalize your funeral service in San Mateo. When you need funeral planning assistance, call (650) 349-4411.