Tips for Discussing Cremation with Your Family

Cremation has become increasingly popular among Americans over the past several decades; today, nearly half of Americans opt for cremation services over traditional burial services. There are many good reasons to choose cremation services, including cost, convenience, personal preference, and environmental impact. If you are considering cremation near San Mateo, it’s important to discuss your wishes with your family; you can opt to have this conversation at any age and at any time to open the lines of communication regarding your preferences after death.

Be Open and Honest

Discussing your wishes regarding your death and funeral services can feel embarrassing or strange, regardless of whether you are in perfect health or require end-of-life care. However, being open and honest with your family about your wishes is the best way to ensure they understand those wishes so your plan can be followed after your death. Be prepared to answer questions and provide details about your decisions—you may find it helpful to write out your funeral and cremation plans or desires ahead of time so you have a clear plan before you reach out to your family.

Provide Funeral Planning Documentation

Funeral pre-planning and pre-payment allows you to plan and pay for cremation and funeral services at any point in time. If you have opted for any form of pre-planning, make sure to have this documentation available and provide your family with a copy for their own records. Letting your family know the funeral home or crematorium you have chosen will alleviate confusion or worry; you should also make sure that your crematorium and funeral home have copies of your wishes on file, as well as the contact information for your preferred next of kin.

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