• Tips for Discussing Cremation with Your Family

    Cremation has become increasingly popular among Americans over the past several decades; today, nearly half of Americans opt for cremation services over traditional burial services. There are many good reasons to choose cremation services, including cost, convenience, personal preference, and environmental impact. If you are considering cremation near San Mateo, it’s important to discuss your wishes with your family; you can opt to have this conversation at any age and at any time to open the lines of communication regarding your preferences after death.

    Be Open and Honest

    Discussing your wishes regarding your death and funeral services can feel embarrassing or strange, regardless of whether you are in perfect health or require end-of-life care. However, being open and honest with your family about your wishes is the best way to ensure they understand those wishes so your plan can be followed after your death. Be prepared to answer questions and provide details about your decisions—you may find it helpful to write out your funeral and cremation plans or desires ahead of time so you have a clear plan before you reach out to your family.

    Provide Funeral Planning Documentation

    Funeral pre-planning and pre-payment allows you to plan and pay for cremation and funeral services at any point in time. If you have opted for any form of pre-planning, make sure to have this documentation available and provide your family with a copy for their own records. Letting your family know the funeral home or crematorium you have chosen will alleviate confusion or worry; you should also make sure that your crematorium and funeral home have copies of your wishes on file, as well as the contact information for your preferred next of kin.

    If you are considering cremation or have questions about cremation services in San Mateo, Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park can help. Our staff has extensive experience with funeral planning, cremation arrangements, and more—please visit our website or give us a call at (650) 349-4411 for additional information and details.

  • What Is the Catholic Church’s Stance on Cremation?

    During cremation, the body is exposed to intense heat until only ashes are left. Cremation services are growing more popular than ever before; thus, it is important to understand how cremation fits into the larger framework of religious funeral services and customs.

    This video explains that although the Catholic Church did not approve of cremation in the past, it is now allowable after death. However, cremated remains should be treated with the same respect as a body. Cremated remains should be buried or kept in a place of reverence, such as a cemetery or memorial park, rather than stored at home or scattered.

    If you have questions about burial or cremation, the staff at Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park can help you explore your funeral options with funeral planning and pre-planning services. You can reach our funeral home in San Mateo by phone at (650) 349-4411, or contact us online.

  • Finding Resources to Deal with Your Grief

    A funeral home often offers services designed to help surviving loved ones cope with grief in the aftermath of a loved one’s passing. However, there are also many resources in your local community.

    When you plan funeral services with a funeral home’s help, you deserve to have someone to guide you through the entire process. Simply choosing between cremation and burial can feel like an overwhelming, emotional decision. When you are grieving, even minor stresses are compounded. It is essential to take time out to truly address your feelings during this difficult time. Grief counseling services from a funeral home are important for the healing process. As your grief counselor will advise you, there are many ways to grieve. It is completely natural to experience many different kinds of emotions, including anger. Make sure that you and your family members take advantage of grief counseling services. You will be able to meet others in your community who are going through the same process.

    Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park offers comprehensive and free grief counseling services as well as funeral services in the San Mateo community. To plan funeral services and arrange for grief counseling, call us at (650) 349-4411.

  • A Look at the Green Burial Movement

    A green burial has recently become increasingly popular. As you will learn in this video, green burials involve burying the deceased in a particular way to minimize the impact on the environment.

    The green burial movement is a part of a larger movement to improve the condition of the Earth’s land, air, and water for future generations. Green burial involves being buried at a cemetery. However, unlike traditional burials, green burials are completely natural. They seek to minimize embalming chemicals so that area land is unaffected.

    If you want to learn more about green burials, look no further than Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park. You can call our memorial park at (650) 349-4411 to learn more about our different options for burial at a cemetery in San Mateo.

  • Preparing Children for What to Expect at a Funeral Service

    Funeral services are an emotional experience for anyone. For children who have not previously visited a funeral home or witnessed a burial, funeral services can initially seem overwhelming. By advising your children of what to expect ahead of time, you can make sure they feel comfortable throughout the experience. Attending a funeral or memorial service is an essential part of the grieving and healing process. Keep reading to learn how you can prepare children for what to expect at funeral services by being honest, sharing stories, and discussing services.

    Be Honest

    When it comes to preparing your children for funeral services, honesty is the best policy. You should never tell young children that a loved one is simply sleeping or away on a long trip. While explaining death can be difficult, it is just as important to express your own pain and sadness. Children should never feel like they need to hide their feelings.

    Share Stories

    As you go through the process of selecting a cemetery or crematorium, your children may feel confused by the amount of activity going on around them. Make sure to take a moment to share stories about your departed friend or family member. When you remember special memories, children will understand that a funeral is about celebrating and honoring a life just as much as it is about grieving.

    Discuss Services

    Before a funeral service, make sure your child knows what is expected at the funeral, memorial, or visitation. Funerals are a time to come together with families and friends and to say goodbye to the person who died. Make sure your child knows that funerals are usually a time for quiet, somber reflection.

    Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park is proud to offer a wide range of customized funeral services in San Mateo. Our experienced, compassionate staff members are always here to guide you through the process of planning a funeral. Whether you are interested in more tips for how to prepare your children for their first funeral services or you want to learn more about our services, call us at (650) 349-4411 today.