• A Look at the Growing Popularity of Green Burial

    More and more people are choosing to seek burial services at funeral homes that offer green burials. A green burial is eco-friendly, and doesn’t use chemicals, materials, or processes that harm the environment or contribute to pollution. Here’s a look at why green burial services are becoming increasingly popular at funeral homes across the country.

    What is a Green Burial?

    A green burial is an eco-friendly alternative to cremation and traditional burial services that focuses on protecting the earth while providing an affordable, respectful burial. A green burial can take on many forms, including using a biodegradable casket as part of a traditional funeral and burial service at a cemetery, or foregoing a burial plot entirely in favor of a living memorial at a memorial park.

    What are the Benefits of Green Burial Services?

    Green burial services are simple, affordable, and environmentally friendly. The process uses no chemical preservatives for embalming; instead, the un-embalmed body is buried in a burial plot in a cemetery in a biodegradable casket, or shrouded in all-natural cloth. This burial process conserves natural resources, limits carbon emissions, and preserves the environment. Funeral homes that offer green burial services are able to meet the needs of environmentally-conscious consumers, while also reducing pollution, land use, and high funerary costs.

    How Can You Arrange a Green Burial with Your Funeral Home and Cemetery?

    You can arrange a funeral and green burial at a funeral home that holds a certification from the Green Burial Council. This certification demonstrates that the funeral home is adhering to strict standards set up by the council to ensure that all green burial practices are eco-friendly and sustainable.

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  • Funeral Etiquette: Writing Sympathy Letters, Delivering Eulogies, and Acting as a Pallbearer

    As an experienced funeral home will advise you, funeral services can be personalized to fit your particular needs. When you want to celebrate the life of your deceased loved one, you deserve to have many options to create beautiful and memorable services. Writing sympathy letters, delivering eulogies, and acting as a pallbearer are major aspects of funeral etiquette for friends and family attending funeral services. Read on to learn more about funeral etiquette for these standard practices.

    Writing Letters

    Before you attend funeral services, consider writing a simple sympathy letter to the close family members of a departed friend. It is important to mail your letter as soon as possible after learning about a friend’s death. If you do not know the family, but you do know the deceased, the proper rule is to send the card directly to the closest relative of the departed.

    Delivering Eulogies

    Whether a funeral involves burial at a cemetery or cremation at a crematorium, it will almost always involve a eulogy. A eulogy is a recitation meant to honor the life of a deceased loved one. A family usually asks that a few close friends recite eulogies. While you should be honest and respectfully decline if you feel uncomfortable, you should generally take on the task if you feel you can properly honor a friend.

    Being Pallbearers

    Funeral services that include a burial, like Jewish funerals, often involve a procession into the religious ceremony. Pallbearers are responsible for carrying the casket of the deceased to the grave. Today, pallbearers are usually other close church members, business associates, and friends. If you are asked to be a pallbearer, send a personalized thank you note.

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  • Pre-Planning a Funeral That Includes Cremation

    When you pre-plan a funeral, you’ll have to make many personal, important decisions about your funeral home, cemetery, burial plot, and funeral ceremony. One of the biggest decisions that you’ll make is whether to choose traditional burial services, or opt for cremation services. Here are some tips for pre-planning a funeral that includes cremation services.

    Pick a Funeral Home that Offers Cremation and Funeral Pre-Planning

    You should look for a funeral home that also has an on-site crematorium, as their services might be less expensive and more varied. When you visit potential funeral homes, ask the funeral home’s director about their funeral pre-planning process, and precisely which memorial, funeral, and cremation services they offer.

    Choose Your Cremation Services

    Much like with a traditional burial service at a cemetery, you have a choice between different types of cremation services. You can choose to have a viewing or funeral ceremony prior to cremation, or hold a memorial service after cremation. You can also hold a burial service at the time that the cremated remains are entombed in a burial plot or columbarium. The cremation services that you choose will depend primarily upon how you want the funeral home to handle the cremated remains.

    Determine Which Cremation Products You’ll Need for Remains

    Before you determine which cremation products you’ll need, you’ll want to decide how to handle your cremated remains. Most funeral homes that have on-site crematoriums offer a range of cremation products depending upon whether the cremains will be buried in a burial plot, scattered, part of a green burial service, entombed in a memorial park, or kept by family members. You can consider biodegradable urns, memorial urns, or cremation jewelry.

    If you’re interested in learning more about pre-planning a funeral that includes cremation services near San Mateo, come see us at Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park. We offer a variety of cremation services that can be modified depending upon cultural or religious preferences. To learn more about pre-planning a funeral and cremation services at our funeral home and crematorium, call us today at (650) 349-4411.

  • Advice for Making a Donation in Lieu of Flowers

    Some families request that guests of a funeral service, cremation service, or burial service make donations to a charitable organization in lieu of sending flowers to the funeral home. When making your charitable donation, you should contribute at least what you would have spent on a flower arrangement.

    Be sure to include a note or message explaining that the donation is in memory of the deceased. Cash is not typically sent to the grieving family instead of a charitable donation, though some families may request that mourners contribute to a fund meant to cover the expenses of the funeral or cremation services, burial plot, cemetery fees, embalming costs, casket, or cremation urn. It is acceptable to mention your charitable donation in your sympathy note or at the funeral service.

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