Advice for Paying Your Last Respects to a Colleague or Acquaintance

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When it comes to funeral services for a person they did not have a close relationship with, many people are unsure of the protocol. They may want to acknowledge the connection they had with the person but aren’t sure how they fit into the funeral ceremony or what to say to friends and family members who were close to the deceased. However, this uncertainty doesn’t have to keep you away from paying respects to a colleague or acquaintance after he or she has passed. This advice will help you navigate the process.

Recognize the Importance
Often, people who were not close to someone who has passed skip the funeral because they aren’t sure what to say or worry that their attendance will be awkward. Change this thinking by focusing on the real purpose of funeral services: to offer support to the deceased’s loved ones. Your presence at the funeral indicates to the family that their lost loved one had an impact on your life and that you honor his or her importance.

Choose Simple Statements
To offer your condolences to family and friends of the deceased, simply expressing that you are sorry for their loss and offering to help in any way you can is all that is required. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stay long. If you are attending a viewing, as little as 15 minutes is acceptable. If you attend a funeral service, you don’t have to go to the cemetery or post-funeral receptions.

Rely on the Funeral Home
The funeral home can be a good resource for information about funeral services. Contact them to find out when funeral events are being held, where to send flowers, and for answers to any questions you have about funeral customs that are unfamiliar to you.

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