Unique Funeral Ceremony Options

Funeral Ceremony San Mateo

As a funeral home in San Mateo knows, there are many options for planning a funeral ceremony. Funeral services can be customized to fit any preferences and budget.

Funeral services are essential for helping mourners grieve and celebrate the life of the deceased. When you work with a funeral home, you can create a beautiful, personalized funeral service. The Flight Home Ceremony is one unique addition to a traditional funeral service. With the Flight Home Ceremony, doves or butterflies are released after a burial in a cemetery. The winged creatures fly away, signifying the soul of the departed joining other loved ones who have already passed on. Memorial wrist bands are another way to remember funeral services. Wrist bands can share a family’s attachment to a specific cause and serve as a memento from a memorial gathering. Caisson service is a dignified way to send off the deceased before burial. A musical tribute is another personalized touch.

For more information on your funeral ceremony options, contact Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park by calling our San Mateo location at (650) 349-4411. We can help you arrange a funeral and will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful funeral service.

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