Common Questions About Funeral Planning Answered

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Whether you are trying to pre-plan a funeral or are planning funeral services for a close friend or family member, it is important to find an established funeral home that meets all of your needs. Funeral planning for a loved one is an important part of the grieving process. Pre-planning your own funeral can alleviate a great deal of financial and emotional stress for your family. Keep reading for answers to some frequently asked questions about planning a funeral.

How Do I Choose a Funeral Home?
Selecting a funeral home is one of the most important parts of funeral planning. Before you pick a funeral home, make sure to do some research. A funeral home should offer personalized service, comprehensive funeral planning, and grief counseling. Many funeral homes have cemeteries on-site, and you should take the opportunity to visit the grounds in person.

What Are Different Kinds of Burial Services?
Today, there are many kinds of burial services. If you prefer to be buried in a cemetery or memorial park, it is important to know your options ahead of time. For the environmentally conscious, green burials are ideal. Green burials do not use formaldehyde-based embalming methods or non-biodegradable caskets, which reduces their impact on the surrounding grounds. However, burial services are ideal for people who value the tradition of being able to visit a gravesite.

What Are My Cremation Options?
When you select a funeral home and begin the funeral planning process, make sure to ask about your options for cremation. Cremation is one of the oldest ways of laying a departed loved one to rest. When it comes to cremation services, you can bury remains in the ground or opt for a permanent memorial arrangement. Others may prefer to scatter ashes or purchase an urn.

For all your funeral planning needs, contact Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411. We offer comprehensive funeral services and burial services near San Mateo. Whether you are planning a memorial for a loved one or would like to learn more about funeral pre-planning, our knowledgeable staff can answer all of your questions.

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