• Helpful Tips for Teaching Your Children About Death

    In the past, it was customary to try to protect children from the knowledge of a death in the family. However, we now know that it is important for children to try to understand the reality of death, as part of their own growth process. If you need to talk to your children about a recent loss, grief counseling in San Mateo can help. Watch this video for more ideas on how to approach the topic of death and burial services with younger family members.

    The video advises communicating frankly with children. It recommends taking children with you to the funeral service or cremation service. The video suggests that parents and guardians choose an explanation appropriate to the child’s age and level of understanding. However, the video cautions against employing metaphorical or vague language, which may confuse or mislead the child.

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  • How Families Are Finding Solace in Green Burials

    Green Burial San Mateo

    For many families today, traditional funeral and burial services don’t feel right. They are looking for alternatives that honor the spirit of their lost loved one, while also making environmentally sound decisions. For these families, green burials are often the right choice. A green burial is better for the environment and gives families a way to memorialize a loved one in a new way. Here is a look at green burials and why more families are choosing them.

    What Is a Green Burial?
    Green burial services can vary, but generally they involve burial in a biodegradable box without the use of embalming fluids. Cremation is also sometimes used for a green burial in which the cremains are placed in a small, biodegradable container. Families may choose to have a completely green burial and funeral service or to simply incorporate green elements into their ceremonies. There are also several unique ways to use green burial techniques that don’t involve traditional funeral or mausoleum space. For instance, if your loved one enjoyed life on the water, cremation ashes can be used to create a reef ball that is placed in coral and becomes part of the underwater ecosystem. Your funeral home can help you explore your options and find ones that meet your preferences.

    Why Choose Green Burial?
    Families turn to green burial for several reasons. One is cost. Because green burials generally involve less materials than traditional funerals, they can cost a great deal less. For others, green burial is a matter of principle. They believe in living an eco-friendly lifestyle and choose green burial to adhere to that commitment. Still others opt for green burial to honor a loved one’s last wishes or to pay tribute to a special part of his or her life.

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  • Tips for Dealing with Grief During The New Year

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    Dealing with grief is always challenging, but during the New Year, loss can feel especially intense. Even if the funeral services ended long ago, the New Year can stir up sadness and guilt that may have previously seemed manageable. Having a plan to cope with feelings of grief is the first step for dealing with the emotions. Keep these tips in mind as you face this New Year without your loved one.

    Balance Your Obligations
    For some people, spending time with family is the only way to get through a difficult time, while other people find that they wish to be alone to concentrate on honoring a lost loved one. You may find that your desire for company fluctuates throughout this time, so give yourself the mix of companionship and alone time that feels right. If taking part in social events makes you feel happy, then do it, and if you find that you need to skip a gathering or get some time to yourself, allow yourself that break. Don’t over-commit, and give yourself plenty of schedule flexibility.

    Release Your Guilt
    After funeral services are over, many people find themselves alone in facing their grief. As time passes and you learn to cope with your grief in new ways, you may begin to feel better—which leads some people to experience guilt. Remember that your lost loved one would want you to be happy and enjoy life. If you feel excitement and happiness, you aren’t dishonoring your lost loved one—instead, you’re honoring him or her by living the life he or she would want you to live.

    Ask for Help
    One of the most essential parts of coping with grief at any time of year is asking for help when you need it. Grief support services are available. Ask your funeral home for a referral.

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  • What to Expect During a Catholic Interment Service

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    If you are attending or planning a Catholic funeral service, you may have questions about the Interment. Interment is just one part of Catholic funerals, but it is one of the most significant aspects, as it involves the burial and final blessing. Here is what you can expect during Interment at Catholic funeral services.

    The Catholic Interment service is known as the rite of committal. It encompasses the burial services—or in the case of cremation, Interment in a columbarium or mausoleum—and prayers offered in honor of the deceased. It usually takes place at the site of Interment, where attendees usually travel after funeral services in the funeral home or church. The priest leading the ceremony will bless the site of Interment and the body or cremains of the deceased before all attendees join together in saying a final “Our Father” to end the service.

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