What to Expect During a Catholic Interment Service

Catholic Funeral San Mateo

If you are attending or planning a Catholic funeral service, you may have questions about the interment. Interment is just one part of Catholic funerals, but it is one of the most significant aspects, as it involves the burial and final blessing. Here is what you can expect during interment at Catholic funeral services.

The Catholic interment service is known as the rite of committal. It encompasses the burial services—or in the case of cremation, interment in a columbarium or mausoleum—and prayers offered in honor of the deceased. It usually takes place at the site of interment, where attendees usually travel after funeral services in the funeral home or church. The priest leading the ceremony will bless the site of interment and the body or cremains of the deceased before all attendees join together in saying a final “Our Father” to end the service.

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