Advice for Managing Family Disagreements During Funeral Planning

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Planning a funeral is incredibly stressful, and it is common for families to have disagreements about the details of the funeral service. You can diffuse family disagreements and make arranging a funeral much less stressful by following a few simple tips. Here is some advice for managing family disagreements while planning a funeral.

Consider the Deceased’s Wishes When Planning a Funeral Service
Family members are often influenced by their own wishes and beliefs when they are planning a funeral service. You can keep things less stressful by encouraging family members to only focus on the deceased’s wishes for the funeral ceremony. If no one has any real sense of whether your loved one wanted a funeral, burial, or cremation service, you might want to just choose the simplest or most economical solution to minimize stress.

Take Advantage of Grief Support Services
Grief counselors can be incredibly helpful in navigating and resolving family disputes during funeral planning. He or she can help you and your family reach an agreement or compromise when deciding upon specific details of a funeral ceremony. Seeking grief support services can also help you and your family process your grief, and will make it a little easier to begin arranging the funeral.

Be Diplomatic When Sorting Through Belongings
One of the most frequent sources of family disagreements after a loved one passes away is who will get what when you begin sorting through family belongings. Before you begin the process, sit down with your family on neutral ground and try to devise a diplomatic plan for dividing up personal items. When you’re on neutral territory, it may be easier for everyone to be less emotional about the process.

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