Advice for Choosing Pallbearers for a Funeral

Funeral Home San Mateo

Choosing pallbearers for a funeral ceremony doesn’t have to be an added source of stress when arranging a funeral. Pallbearers are typically immediate family members or close friends of the deceased. However, there are generally no strict rules about who can be a pallbearer.

Some family members may not want to be pallbearers, because the ritual may be too upsetting for them in their time of grief. If a family member indicates that he doesn’t want to act as a pallbearer, you should respect his wishes and avoid pressuring him. Likewise, if a close friend or loved one of the deceased expresses a desire to be a pallbearer and there is room to accommodate him, you should let him participate. You can also ask other members of your family to help you in choosing pallbearers.

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