Questions to Ask Your Funeral Home About Cremation

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If you’ve decided to pre-plan your own cremation or you’re carrying out the wishes of a family member who has recently passed away, you can find all the information you need at a funeral home. Before you go to your appointment at the funeral home, you may wish to write down any questions you may have. This is particularly important in the wake of the passing of a loved one, since grief has a way of clouding one’s ability to think clearly.

Questions About the Cremation
It is of the utmost importance that you choose a funeral home that follows strict protocols regarding the respectful handling of the deceased and the manner in which the cremation is carried out. You may wish to ask the funeral director whether the facility has an on-site crematory. Ask how often the crematory is inspected, whether the licenses and permits are current, and whether the operators are certified. You might also want to ask whether family members are allowed to witness the cremation.

Questions About Cremation Ceremonies
Another set of questions you can ask the funeral director involves the cremation ceremonies. You should be able to honor the memory of your loved one in the way that your family prefers. Ask the funeral director whether flexible options are available, such as visitation prior to cremation, visitation after cremation, and non-ceremonial cremation. This is particularly important if your deceased loved one has specified the services he or she wanted.

Questions About Cemetery Cremation
Consider asking the funeral director whether the facility has a memorial park that provides cemetery cremation options. Many families prefer to inter the ashes of their loved ones at permanent memorial sites. This provides a gathering place for surviving family members to share their memories. You could ask whether the funeral home offers columbarium, cremation pedestals, glass front niches, or other options.

The funeral home professionals at Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park are always happy to answer the questions of family members. At our funeral home in San Mateo, we provide respectful cremation services, cemetery cremation, and grief counseling. You can reach us at (650) 349-4411.

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