Answering Common Questions About Funeral Attire

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When attending a funeral service, you should take care to dress appropriately as a sign of respect for the deceased, as well as the friends and family of the deceased. Here are the answers to common questions about appropriate funeral attire.

How Conservative or Modest Do I Need to Dress?
When deciding what to wear to a funeral home, it’s best to always lean towards your most conservative option. It may help you to pick out the same type of clothing that you would wear to a serious job interview or professional meeting. Women should wear pants and a modest shirt, or a modest dress. Men should wear a suit, or pants and a button down shirt.

Do I Have to Wear Black?
You do not have to wear black to a funeral, though if you don’t know the family of the deceased very well, you should wear somber, muted colors. Clothing in dark blue, gray, or brown is an appropriate, conservative choice. In rare situations, the family of the deceased will specify that mourners should wear a certain color; in cases like that, you should follow the family’s wishes.

Are There Differences Between Funeral Service and Memorial Service Attire?

Funeral services, whether at a funeral home or at a burial plot at the cemetery, are typically more formal than memorial services. If you aren’t closed to the family of the deceased, you should dress conservatively and formally to both a funeral service and memorial service. If the family specifies that the memorial service is a more casual event, you can dress a little bit more casually, but should still wear modest clothing.

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