Unique Funeral Traditions Around the World

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Rituals honoring the deceased are an integral part of virtually every society. While many Americans think of funerals as a ceremony in which people wear black and mourn the deceased, there are many other traditions around the world that are very different from typical funeral services in San Mateo. In this article, we will explore some of the funeral traditions found throughout the globe.

New Orleans Jazz Funeral
A fusion of traditions from France and Africa, a New Orleans jazz funeral begins with a marching band guiding the mourners to the place of burial. At a New Orleans Jazz Funeral, you can expect sorrowful music, upbeat music, and even dancing to commemorate the life of the deceased.

Sky Burial in Tibet
Many Vajrayana Buddhists in Tibet and Mongolia believe that after death, the soul leaves the body, and the body becomes an empty vessel. In this funeral ritual, the body is returned to the earth—it is placed on a mountaintop so that it can decompose naturally.

Balinese Cremation
Some say that the Balinese have more fun in their funeral services than in any other ceremony. Balinese tradition says that cremation releases the soul from the body so that it may inhabit a new body. As such, cremation is considered a sacred duty.

Turning of the Bones in Madagascar
Malagasy people have a tradition called famadihana, which means turning of the bones. Every five or seven years, the cloth-wrapped bodies of deceased loved ones are taken out of the ground and sprayed with perfume or wine.

Fantasy Coffins in Ghana
In Ghana, many people hope to be buried in a fantasy coffin—a coffin that represents their work or their life’s passion. These fantasy coffins take all shapes and sizes, such as a coffin shaped like a huge fish for a fisherman or a coffin shaped like a luxury car for a businessman.

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