Choosing Flowers for a Chinese Funeral

Chinese Funeral San Mateo

Traditional Chinese customs place a great emphasis on color as symbolism. As such, color can convey feelings and hopes—which can be appropriate or inappropriate for traditional Chinese funeral services. If you are attending or planning a traditional Chinese funeral services in San Mateo or elsewhere, read this article for suggestions on how to choose flowers.

Artificial Flowers
Real flowers are nice, but not necessary. High-quality, life-like artificial flowers last a long time and retain their vibrancy without water. This is a good option if you plan to be traveling long distances with flowers to a funeral.

The lily is an excellent choice for a traditional Chinese funeral. White and yellow are excellent colors for a Chinese funeral, and lilies are mostly white. The lily offers a spiritual and emotional touch because it represents restoration of innocence after death.

Chrysanthemums are found throughout Asian culture. White or yellow chrysanthemums, which are native to Asia, are an ideal choice of flower for a Chinese funeral. In fact, traditional Chinese values hold that white and yellow flowers serve important symbolic needs for the funeral.

Cool Colors
Avoid red and other warm-colored flowers, which represent happiness. While warm-colored flowers may be found in another type of funeral, giving them in a Chinese funeral may give the wrong idea of the giver’s feelings and intentions. Avoid embarrassment by making sure that pre-ordered flowers do not include warm-colored flowers.

Neutral Colors
Dark-colored flowers may fit in with the sad, mournful mood of a funeral, but do not choose them for a traditional Chinese funeral. This is because dark flowers may make the family feel worse. Opt instead for neutral-colored flowers.

Avoid the Wrong Roses
Although roses are found throughout Chinese history and commonly found in many ceremonies, not all roses are appropriate for a Chinese funeral. White roses are appropriate but avoid red and pink roses.

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