• Choosing Flowers for a Chinese Funeral

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    Traditional Chinese customs place a great emphasis on color as symbolism. As such, color can convey feelings and hopes—which can be appropriate or inappropriate for traditional Chinese funeral services. If you are attending or planning a traditional Chinese funeral services in San Mateo or elsewhere, read this article for suggestions on how to choose flowers.

    Artificial Flowers
    Real flowers are nice, but not necessary. High-quality, life-like artificial flowers last a long time and retain their vibrancy without water. This is a good option if you plan to be traveling long distances with flowers to a funeral.

    The lily is an excellent choice for a traditional Chinese funeral. White and yellow are excellent colors for a Chinese funeral, and lilies are mostly white. The lily offers a spiritual and emotional touch because it represents restoration of innocence after death.

    Chrysanthemums are found throughout Asian culture. White or yellow chrysanthemums, which are native to Asia, are an ideal choice of flower for a Chinese funeral. In fact, traditional Chinese values hold that white and yellow flowers serve important symbolic needs for the funeral.

    Cool Colors
    Avoid red and other warm-colored flowers, which represent happiness. While warm-colored flowers may be found in another type of funeral, giving them in a Chinese funeral may give the wrong idea of the giver’s feelings and intentions. Avoid embarrassment by making sure that pre-ordered flowers do not include warm-colored flowers.

    Neutral Colors
    Dark-colored flowers may fit in with the sad, mournful mood of a funeral, but do not choose them for a traditional Chinese funeral. This is because dark flowers may make the family feel worse. Opt instead for neutral-colored flowers.

    Avoid the Wrong Roses
    Although roses are found throughout Chinese history and commonly found in many ceremonies, not all roses are appropriate for a Chinese funeral. White roses are appropriate but avoid red and pink roses.

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  • What Are Your Options for Scattering and Sharing After Cremation?

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    Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park performs cremations onsite. If you are considering cremation services near San Mateo, Skylawn has many different options to offer. Before or after the cremation process, many people choose to have a ceremony in which guests honor the life of the deceased. Memorialization options after cremation are many and are not limited to in-ground burial. Scattering is one of the common options, which involves scattering the cremated ashes over land or water. Another popular option is sharing, which is when the remains are kept in a special container, or multiple containers so that each member of the family can choose what to do with the remains.

    At Skylawn, we will give you the remains in a container that can be used for scattering, or let you pick from our selection of urns and jewelry applications if you prefer sharing. To learn more, visit our website or call us at (650) 349-4411.

  • Understanding the Rules and Regulations for Green Burials

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    A green burial is an eco-friendly burial service that is offered by some funeral homes and cemeteries. The Green Burial Council, the leading authority on green burial services in the United States, governs these funeral homes and cemeteries. Funeral homes and cemeteries that are certified by the Green Burial Council must adhere to strict rules and regulations during green burial services.

    A licensed funeral director at a funeral home that is certified to perform green burials will prepare the body for a green burial. He cannot use embalming methods that are formaldehyde-based, and he will use a biodegradable casket for the burial service. The casket used will be made of non-toxic materials, and manufactured by a company that uses eco-friendly processes that reduce pollution and harmful emissions.

    If you’re interested in an environmentally friendly green burial near San Mateo, contact us at Skylawn Memorial Park. We also offer traditional burial services, cremation services, and grief counseling to the community. We have been in business for more than 50 years, and can make burial and funeral arrangements that adhere to any religious or cultural traditions. For more information, call us today at (650) 349-4411.

  • Unique Funeral Traditions Around the World

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    Rituals honoring the deceased are an integral part of virtually every society. While many Americans think of funerals as a ceremony in which people wear black and mourn the deceased, there are many other traditions around the world that are very different from typical funeral services in San Mateo. In this article, we will explore some of the funeral traditions found throughout the globe.

    New Orleans Jazz Funeral
    A fusion of traditions from France and Africa, a New Orleans jazz funeral begins with a marching band guiding the mourners to the place of burial. At a New Orleans Jazz Funeral, you can expect sorrowful music, upbeat music, and even dancing to commemorate the life of the deceased.

    Sky Burial in Tibet
    Many Vajrayana Buddhists in Tibet and Mongolia believe that after death, the soul leaves the body, and the body becomes an empty vessel. In this funeral ritual, the body is returned to the earth—it is placed on a mountaintop so that it can decompose naturally.

    Balinese Cremation
    Some say that the Balinese have more fun in their funeral services than in any other ceremony. Balinese tradition says that cremation releases the soul from the body so that it may inhabit a new body. As such, cremation is considered a sacred duty.

    Turning of the Bones in Madagascar
    Malagasy people have a tradition called famadihana, which means turning of the bones. Every five or seven years, the cloth-wrapped bodies of deceased loved ones are taken out of the ground and sprayed with perfume or wine.

    Fantasy Coffins in Ghana
    In Ghana, many people hope to be buried in a fantasy coffin—a coffin that represents their work or their life’s passion. These fantasy coffins take all shapes and sizes, such as a coffin shaped like a huge fish for a fisherman or a coffin shaped like a luxury car for a businessman.

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