• Tips for Writing a Letter of Condolence

    If a friend or family member has passed away, you will want to express your sympathy to the close family members of the deceased. These feelings can be expressed in a letter of condolence. This letter should be sent within one week of the death, or prior to the funeral, burial, memorial, or cremation service that the family holds for their loved one.

    Watch this video for some helpful advice on how to write a letter of condolence. The letter should be respectful, sympathetic, and sincere.

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  • How to Support a Grieving Child

    The death of a loved one is never easy, and if your child is grieving, he or she will need a lot of support. Children process emotions much differently than adults do, and may not know how to clearly state what they need and when. Here is some advice that may help you communicate with and support your child if he is attending a memorial, burial, or funeral service for a loved one.

    Communicate Openly With Your Child

    Your child may have questions about the person who has died, and about death in general. Answer these questions openly and honestly, speaking in simple, clear language. Avoid euphemisms about the deceased that may confuse him, such as “lost,” or “passed away.” Allow him to speak honestly about his emotions in his own time and his own way, and provide comfort without pressure. When your child expresses grief or pain, let him know that you are listening by asking him open-ended questions about his feelings.

    Don’t Avoid Speaking About the Person Who Has Died

    The best way to provide grief support is to share memories about the person who has died. If your child brings up the deceased, encourage him to share happy memories, and share some of your own. Look at pictures of the deceased together, or give your child a memento that will help him remember his loved one.

    Make Allowances for Different Grieving Styles

    Your child may not grieve in the same way or at the same pace that you do. Don’t express frustration or confusion if a child seems to move on too fast, or not quickly enough. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and your child should feel that his grieving process, while different, is not improper or abnormal.

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  • A Look at Traditional Chinese Funerals

    Funeral services, burial services, and cremation services follow the cultural and religious customs of the deceased. In the Chinese culture, cremation is uncommon, and burial services are revered, sacred, and traditional. Continue reading to learn more about the customs of traditional Chinese funeral services.

    Chinese Funeral Traditions San Mateo - Skylawn Memorial Park

    The Wake

    The wake lasts at least 24 hours; longer if the family has the resources. During the wake, the coffin is placed inside if the person died at home, or in the courtyard if the person died away from home. Mourners do not wear jewelry or red clothing, and family members gather around the coffin, positioned according to rank. Money is donated to the family by mourners to help pay for the funeral costs.

    Funeral Service and Procession

    There are two primary types of funeral services that are traditionally held. In the first, the funeral ceremony is at least 49 days long, with prayers said every 7 days. In the second, a prayer ceremony is held every 10 days. When the prayer ceremonies are over, the coffin is nailed shut and placed on the street in front of the house. The coffin is then either carried on foot or by hearse to the cemetery for the burial service.

    Burial and Mourning

    Chinese cemeteries are typically located on hillsides, as they believe that higher graves are holier. When the coffin is lowered into the burial plot, mourners turn their heads away. After the burial service, the mourners’ clothes are burned. The family of the deceased then enters a period of mourning that lasts for 100 days. Each family member wears a piece of black cloth on his sleeve to signify that he is in mourning.

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  • Myths About Funerals

    Planning a funeral service or memorial service for a deceased loved one can be overwhelming. Many people are afraid to ask for help, or don’t have the necessary grief counseling services to feel confident making funeral arrangements. Because of this, there are many myths surrounding funeral services and funeral planning. Keep reading to see those myths debunked.

    Funeral Planning Myths - Skylawn Memorial Park

    Myth: Funerals and Cremation Services are Always Stressful

    The death of a loved one is always difficult, and funeral planning can add to the stress and worry that you’re already be experiencing during your grieving period. Though funeral planning is likely unfamiliar territory, many funeral homes provide grief support services, and can walk you through the steps of planning a funeral, burial, or cremation service that is a fitting tribute to your loved one.

    Myth: There are No Good Funeral Planning Resources

    The funeral home that you choose should have a great deal of resources on hand that can clearly and concisely explain the unique benefits of both cremation services and burial services. These resources may take the form of pamphlets, books, websites, or videos. You can also speak with a grief counselor or funeral home director to find the answers to specific questions you have.

    Myth: Funeral Planning Follows a Strict Timeline

    The funeral home or crematorium that you choose will work with you to create a schedule or timeline for your planning that is comfortable for you and your family. You can take time to carefully make decisions, and plan a funeral, memorial, or cremation service that truly honors your loved one’s memory. This will allow you time to consider any particular cultural or religious customs that must be incorporated into the services, and will give out of town guests time to make travel plans.

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  • The Importance of Funeral Services

    Every culture has a different tradition in mourning the loss of a loved one. Throughout history, families and friends have come together as a group to participate in a ceremony to honor someone who has died. Whether they are gathered in a cemetery, funeral home, memorial park, or private residence, they are able to find comfort in being around others in a time of loss and grief.

    Memorial and funeral services are the best way to begin healing when you are suffering the death of a loved one. A funeral service, cremation ceremony, or burial service affords those who are grieving a chance to share memories and say goodbye to the deceased. Planning a funeral for a loved one can help you process your grief, while connecting you with people who can provide you with grief support services in your time of need.

    If you’re suffering the death of a loved one and are planning a funeral near San Mateo, visit us at Skylawn Memorial Park. We provide burial, funeral, and cremation services that respect the cultural and religious customs of the diverse members of our community. For more information, visit us at our website or call us today at (650) 445-0953.