Exploring the Financial Benefits of Cremation

As if the emotional stress that comes with losing a loved one were not enough, families oftentimes need to make arrangements for funeral services in a hurry. Fortunately, cremation services in San Mateo are a low-cost alternative to traditional burials. Cremation services also give families the flexibility to choose where to scatter or store their loved one’s remains. To learn more about the financial benefits of cremation, read on.

Traditional Casket and Outer Liner

The casket is a necessary expense in the traditional burial. Attractive, higher quality boxes are more expensive. The outer lining is the second most expensive item involved in funeral services. These costs, in addition to flowers and transportation, typically add up to thousands of dollars in a traditional burial. Some funeral homes will give you a discount if you purchase a packaged deal.

Traditional Preparation Services

Other costs of the traditional burial include the viewing and body preparation services. If you opt for a green burial, however, you will not have to pay for body preparation services and costly materials involved in burial. Printed items such as the prayer cards, register book, and death certificate must be factored in as well.

Cremation Costs

The cremation services are typically a fraction of what traditional funeral services cost. Some people choose to spend slightly more—still a small portion of the cost of traditional burial—by adding flowers and a visitation funeral service without the body present.

Cremation Value

You can arrange for an entire ceremony that includes a showing, funeral services, cremation services, and burial at the cemetery for less than a similar traditional burial. If you prefer not to bury the remains, an urn can be purchased to store the remains at home. Alternatively, you can scatter the remains at a location of your choice without having to purchase an urn.

To find out more about the benefits of cremation at a crematorium and memorial park in San Mateo, call Skylawn Memorial Park at (650) 445-0953. Visit our website to learn more about the funeral services we provide.

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