Answering FAQs About Green Burials

Green burials are becoming an increasingly common option at cemeteries near San Mateo. A low-cost, personal alternative to traditional burial services, green burials are worth taking a closer look at if you are considering funeral services. Continue reading for answers to the most common questions about green burials.

What is the Origin of Green Burials?

Green burials were the standard way to bury people up until the Civil War, when the deceased were moved from the battlefield to home using chemical preservatives. After this, it became more common to use preservatives to bury the deceased.

What is a Green Burial?

Green funerals do not make use materials that are often found in traditional burials, such as chemical preservatives, caskets made of wood and heavy metals, and other costly treatments and features. Green burial is less expensive and more personalized to the desires of the family. Remains are not embalmed. Instead, they are put directly into the ground.

What are the Advantages of a Green Burial?

As the name suggests, green burials are more eco-friendly than traditional burials. Each year, cemeteries bury thousands of tons of steel, copper, concrete, and wood. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of embalming fluids containing environmentally harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde are buried each year in the United States because of traditional burials. Although some say that cremation is more environmentally friendly than traditional burial, cremation produces emissions—green burial produces none.

Is Embalming Required?

Federal law does not require embalming. While some funeral homes will say that embalming is necessary for preventing the spread of disease, the Green Burial Council has found that there are no public health benefits to embalming. In a green burial, the body is preserved with dry ice or a cooler for three to four days.

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