Skylawn Funeral Home’s Water Conservation Efforts

In order to do our part to conserve California’s precious natural resources, Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park is undertaking several water conservation efforts to reduce consumption and comply with Governor Brown’s water restriction mandates.

  1. We are limiting our lawn watering
  2. We’ve performed a full audit of our entire sprinkler system to search for and repair leaks
  3. We are in the process of installing smart irrigation controllers that are linked to real time weather information and the internet . This system will help minimize our sprinklers from activating if rain is expected.

Additionally, our team is proactively researching other options which could include the use of artificial turf, xeriscaping (a form of sustainable gardening using drought-tolerant plants), aeration systems as well as other new, state-of the-art water conservation technology. Skylawn is committed to doing whatever we can to help California weather this unprecedented drought, while providing a beautiful, comforting environment for visitors.

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