Tips for Making a Funeral Greener

Did your recently deceased loved one have an interest in protecting the environment? Honor your loved one with a green burial in San Mateo. These tips can help you make a funeral service greener in honor of your lost loved one:

Choose a Biodegradable Casket

Traditional caskets are designed to prevent the process of deterioration for as long as possible. Unfortunately, this means that traditional burial services take their toll on the planet. If you want to plan a greener funeral for your deceased loved one, consider choosing a biodegradable casket instead of a traditional one. These caskets are made of all natural materials, which means that the casket and the body will both become part of the Earth over time.

Select an Eco-Friendly Urn

Burial is not the only option to consider when creating an after-death guide for loved ones. Many people choose cremation, resulting in ashes that can be scattered in a sentimental spot or stored in an urn. Cremation can be a green option as it does not involve digging up any space in order to bury a casket. You can make this choice even greener by selecting an urn made from a sustainable material to store your loved one’s ashes.

Find a Green Program Option

Programs featuring the recently deceased’s personal information and life story are often distributed during funeral services. These handouts honor the deceased and also serve as keepsakes for funeral attendees. If you plan to hand out programs, print them on recycled paper or another green material, such as paper from a notebook or other item that belonged to your lost loved one. You can also avoid traditional programs and give funeral attendees a special keepsake that belonged to the deceased instead.

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