What Children Need to Grieve Productively

It may feel natural to try to shield a child from the pain of losing a loved one. Although it’s never easy to inform children of a loss, they do need to understand the situation and to have their own feelings acknowledged. If you’re unsure of what to say to your little ones, talk to the grief support professionals at the funeral home. The funeral home professionals have experience supporting grieving family members of all ages.

Mother comforts her crying son

Help Them Understand the Situation

If children aren’t informed of what has happened, their confusion is likely to worsen their own emotional challenges. They may feel panicked when they look for the lost loved one, only to find unoccupied space within the home. It’s best to let the children know what has happened using age-appropriate language. Younger children can be told that the decedent’s body stopped working and that the loved one won’t be able to physically come back. Depending on the circumstances, older children may already have an idea of the situation if the lost loved one had been ill. Let them know that the decedent has passed on.

Discuss Your Own Feelings

Regardless of the age of the children, they need to be told that it’s okay to feel sad. You can help the youngsters come to terms with their own feelings by discussing yours. Tell the children that you loved the decedent very much and that you feel greatly saddened at the loss. Let the kids know that it’s alright to discuss how they feel.

Provide Ongoing Grief Support

In the days, months, and even years following the funeral service, you and other family members will need to support each other in your grief. Let the children know that they are loved and that they will always be taken care of. Spend time doing activities together as a family. Some of those activities might be in remembrance of the decedent, such as compiling a memorial scrapbook.

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