• Tips for Planning a Funeral

    It’s often challenging for family members to plan a funeral service because there are typically only a few days to make the arrangements. Fortunately, a professional at the funeral home can walk family members through all of the decisions that need to be made. Consider your loved one’s religious or spiritual preferences, and personal wishes when making these decisions. For example, consider whether your loved one’s beliefs would guide you to choose a traditional burial, cremation, or cremation with interment to follow.

    Hear more about these important decisions by watching this video. This expert discusses choosing an appropriate casket or vault, determining calling hours, and considering other details of a funeral service, such as the flowers and music.

    The professionals at Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park can help you arrange a beautiful funeral service in accordance with your loved one’s beliefs and preferences. Families throughout the San Mateo area can contact us at (650) 349-4411.

  • Exploring the Stages of Grief and Loss

    Although the stages of grief are widely accepted by psychologists, they are not set in stone. It is possible to experience them in order. More likely, however, you may progress through a vast spectrum of emotions. Before the funeral service, you may feel shocked and numb. After the funeral service and burial, you might feel anger and depression – perhaps simultaneously. It’s quite common for an individual to start to feel better for a time, and then to feel the emotions of grief once again. Let yourself grieve in your own way and reach out to the professionals at the funeral home for grief support services.

    Exploring the Stages of Grief and Loss - Skylawn Funeral Home


    Upon hearing of the passing of a loved one, many family members and friends feel as though it can’t possibly have happened. When reality is too difficult to bear, an individual may try to deny it. Denial can be accompanied by shock or numbness.


    As the reality of the situation sets in, many grieving family members and friends feel strong anger. The anger may be directed at a particular person, such as a doctor who failed to cure the decedent. Since the emotions of grief are often not rational, it does not matter that the death is not the doctor’s fault. Or, the anger may be directionless. Grieving loved ones may feel that it is unfair that their family member passed on.


    Bargaining doesn’t necessarily involve prayers or pleas to a higher power to bring back the lost loved one. It may involve thoughts of blame, such as blaming oneself for failing to seek medical help sooner or for failing to mend a challenged relationship.


    Sadness is perfectly natural during the grieving process. However, individuals who find themselves unable to function or to care for themselves are advised to seek grief counseling services at the funeral home.


    If a family member reaches acceptance of the loss, he or she may feel a sense of calm. However, not everyone will reach this stage of grief.

    Understand that you’re never alone in your grief. Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park offers 24/7 grief support, including online counseling services, to give you the help you need both before the funeral service and after the burial or cremation service. Families in the San Mateo area are invited to reach out to our funeral home at any time by calling (650) 349-4411.

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  • Exploring the Unique Grief of Losing a Parent


    Losing a parent is never easy, regardless of whether the death was expected or unexpected. Many people often say that there is a unique grief that comes with the death of a parent and attending his or her funeral services. To understand the reasons behind why losing a parent results in a very different kind of grief, read this article.

    Loss of a Special Relationship

    Many of us spend our entire lives asking our parents questions. In our adult lives, these questions may be about family traditions, upbringing, and family history. When a parent passes, so does the information that hasn’t already been gathered from your parents. Even if you have been anticipating and preparing for the death of a parent, the loss of a parent is likely to feel very sudden; after all, this is a person you have probably known longer than anybody else.

    A Sense of Unfinished Business

    The parent-child relationship shifts multiple times over the decades. As children mature and eventually create their own families, parents grow older and need support. During this time, there are many opportunities for misunderstanding. Unfortunately, sometimes rifts are not smoothed out before the death of a parent, which can leave a feeling of sadness that those differences were not reconciled.

    Loss of Future Experiences and Conversations

    You may wish that your parents could go to a birthday party, graduation, or wedding. Coping with the reality that a parent cannot go to these important events, or that you cannot ask your parent for advice is very upsetting.

    If your parent recently passed and you need grief support, contact Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411 or visit our website. We offer online grief support and counseling services, and can connect you with group grief support services as well. Contact us or browse our website to learn more about our cremation and funeral services at our funeral home located in the San Mateo area.

  • Should You Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

    Should You Pre-Plan Your Funeral? - Skylawn Funeral Home - San Mateo

    If you’re like many adults, you have probably spent a considerable portion of your life planning ahead. You may have planned ahead for your children’s college funds, for your retirement, or even for a dream vacation. It only makes sense to plan ahead for your funeral service. In doing so, you will greatly relieve the burden placed on your surviving loved ones, letting them focus on supporting each other during the grieving process. Often, when a loved one passes without having pre-planned his or her funeral, the surviving family members aren’t quite sure what that person may have wanted. Pre-planning your funeral eliminates this problem and can greatly ease the stress of those left behind.

    Pre-planning your funeral and burial or cremation service also offers benefits for you. It ensures that your final wishes will be carried out and that you will be placed at rest in the manner you prefer. You can pre-determine as many or as few details about the service as you would like; it is fully customizable to your beliefs and preferences.

    At Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park, we’ve made it as easy as possible for San Mateo residents to pre-plan a funeral service. Call us at (650) 349-4411 or visit our website to get started with our online pre-planning tool.