How We Can Help You Honor Your Loved One’s Life

Fading memories

Memorializing the life of a loved one can be a valuable way to reconcile grief and find peace in the passing of a friend or family member. If you are planning the funeral services for your loved one, Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park can ensure that you have the opportunity to honor him in a unique and meaningful way.

Our funeral home provides multiple services, including online, print, and video options, which you can use to celebrate your loved one. Given how important online communications have become in the last several years, we offer personalized websites that you can share with those closest to the deceased. We can also create a video that commemorates your loved one’s achievements and major life events. Our print specialists can also design elegant folders, programs, and bookmarks to honor your loved one in the manner you choose.

Would you like to learn more about our special honoring life services? Then call Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park today at (650) 349-4411. We would also be happy to discuss the funeral, burial, and cremation options that we offer for San Mateo residents.

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