• How We Can Help You Honor Your Loved One’s Life

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    Memorializing the life of a loved one can be a valuable way to reconcile grief and find peace in the passing of a friend or family member. If you are planning the funeral services for your loved one, Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park can ensure that you have the opportunity to honor him in a unique and meaningful way.

    Our funeral home provides multiple services, including online, print, and video options, which you can use to celebrate your loved one. Given how important online communications have become in the last several years, we offer personalized websites that you can share with those closest to the deceased. We can also create a video that commemorates your loved one’s achievements and major life events. Our print specialists can also design elegant folders, programs, and bookmarks to honor your loved one in the manner you choose.

    Would you like to learn more about our special honoring life services? Then call Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park today at (650) 349-4411. We would also be happy to discuss the funeral, burial, and cremation options that we offer for San Mateo residents.

  • Show Your Support to a Grieving Friend with These Items from Our Sympathy Store

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    For many people, it can be difficult to adequately express in words their condolences for a friend’s lost loved one. If you are looking for the right way to show your support for a companion who has recently had to say goodbye to a friend, parent, or relative, then consider giving a heartwarming gift such as one of the bouquets, throws, or gift baskets featured in our sympathy store. Our bouquets do not have to be reserved solely for funeral services or placement in a funeral home, but can also be hand-delivered to your friend’s home or workplace.

    You can also offer your support without so much as a word by purchasing keepsakes, art, and even beautiful picture frames that can be used to showcase a photo of your friend and his or her loved one during the burial service or cremation service. You’re sure to find an item in our sympathy store that will make it simple to show your support and love to a friend in need. Call Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411 to learn more about our services.

  • How Pre-Planning Your Funeral Benefits Your Family

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    When considering the prospect of their death, many people assume that their family will be able to take care of their funeral services. Yet given the financial constraints that many people face, as well as the emotional ramifications of losing a loved one, planning a funeral can be an overwhelming task for mourning friends and family members. By pre-planning your funeral now, you can greatly alleviate the monetary and grieving hardships that your loved ones may encounter.

    Ease Financial Costs

    No matter how financially secure your family may be in the present moment, job loss, medical bills, or other causes of monetary stress can lead to an unstable financial future. Upon your passing, your family will have to make significant financial decisions regarding your funeral services and burial options all within a few short days. Should your family not have immediate access to those necessary financial funds, it can lead to substantial stress that adds to their grief. You can relieve your family of those concerns by planning and budgeting for your funeral services now.

    Lessen Emotional Distress

    Grief affects people in a number of ways. In the shadow of your passing, your closest loved ones may find it exceptionally difficult to think about or plan your funeral services. Having to contend with these aspects of your death may cause them even greater emotional pain and suffering. During this difficult time, you can provide peace of mind for your friends and family. When you pre-plan your funeral, you give your loved ones the chance to concentrate on their own emotional well-being. Your choice of services may even bring solace to those you love, as they find comfort in the songs, pictures, and special passages that you include in your funeral or memorial service.

    Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park in San Mateo wants you to have the funeral services you want and the peace of mind that your loved ones deserve. If you would like to learn more about how to pre-plan your funeral needs, call (650) 349-4411. You can also contact us about our burial and cremation options. 

  • Simple Steps to Write a Eulogy

    A time may come when the passing of a loved one may necessitate the writing of a eulogy for him. This video discusses how to best honor the life of a friend or family member with this speech.

    To write a speech that highlights a loved one’s personality and achievements, talk to those he knew. Close friends and family members can provide important details about his life. Be sure to include general facts, too, such as his birth date and the names of his immediate family members. Give the eulogy a clear introduction, body, and conclusion, and have someone read your draft as well to look for errors.

    Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park can guide you through each step of the funeral process. Call our San Mateo funeral home at (650) 349-4411 for more information about our funeral services. 

  • What Are Some Ways to Involve Children In a Funeral Service?

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    The loss of a loved one can be especially difficult for a young person, especially if he or she has not yet developed an understanding of death. According to grief support experts, one of the best ways to ensure that children feel comforted and cared for during this time is to include them in the planning of burial services or cremation services. Here are some ways that you can involve a child in a funeral service.

    Allow Them to Select Songs or Readings

    A nice and appropriate way to include children in a funeral service is to have them select a special song, poem, or spiritual reading that reminds them of their loved one. If you plan on sharing a slideshow or placing several photos around the funeral home during the funeral services, then you can also encourage the child to choose one or two that feature him or her and your loved one together.

    Assign Children an Important Role or Task

    For many children, it can be nerve-racking to speak in front of a crowd during such an occasion. If your child has expressed that he or she does not want to share a story or read a small passage, then consider assigning him or her another task such as distributing memory cards. Including children in such small ways reassures them that they are not being forgotten during this chaotic and difficult time.

    Create and Maintain an Open Line of Communication

    The most important thing that you can do for a child when planning a loved one’s funeral service is to be in tune with how that child is feeling and behaving. If you recognize that he or she does not want to take part in a certain aspect of the ceremony, then respect those wishes. Children deal with grief in different manners, so it’s important that you simply let them know that you are there to listen and comfort them at all times.

    Here at Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park, we offer a number of ceremonial options for you and your family to choose from when planning a memorial service. Our staff will always cater to your needs and see to it that your traditional or modern service is carried out exactly as you wish. Call (650) 349-4411 to learn more about our services.