A Look at the Grieving Process After a Spouse Dies

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The loss of a spouse is one of the most difficult experiences that a person can face during his or her lifetime. One way to slowly begin to pick up the pieces after such a devastating loss is to plan a funeral service fitting of the deceased’s personality, spirit, and character. Here is a look at what one can expect from the grieving process after a spouse dies.

Feelings of Loss and Confusion

It is entirely natural for those dealing with the loss of a spouse to experience feelings of confusion, heartbreak, and even panic. A spouse is a partner and the permanent absence of such a person can be incredibly difficult for anyone to accept in the days that follow the death. Widows and widowers should allow themselves to grieve and should recognize these emotions as normal under such circumstances.

The Need to Express Grief and Emotions

It’s not uncommon for spouses to feel guilty about expressing their grief to loved ones, since they don’t want to burden them even further during this hard time. However, expressing one’s state of mind and feelings is cathartic and therefore incredibly important for the overall healing process.

The Importance of Family and Friends

For many widows and widowers, a strong support system is one of the greatest—if not the most important—sources of light during this dark time. Spouses are encouraged to accept the generous help of family and friends, especially when it comes to caring for kids, preparing meals, and planning certain elements of the funeral services.

Difficulties In the Months and Years to Follow

Spouses should expect the feelings of loss and grief to come and go in the months and years that follow the final memorial and funeral services. Movies, songs, and even certain faces can trigger memories of their loved one and certain days, such as holidays and birthdays, can be difficult to get through during the first few years.

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