Dealing with the Anniversary of a Loved One’s Death

Woman in despair

For nearly a year, every holiday and annual event you observe or attend has been the first you have experienced since the death of your loved one. Before long, the one-year anniversary of your loved one’s passing will be here. You know it will be difficult, and you are wondering how to cope.

While grief is a personal process that is different for each individual who experiences it, there are a handful of ways to honor a loved one’s memory on the anniversary of his or her death that many bereaved individuals find helpful. These include visiting a graveside memorial with flowers, watching old home videos, spending the day making a photo album or writing about your loved one, and hosting a gathering for those who knew your loved one best.

If you find the anniversary of your loved one’s death exceptionally different and would like to be in the company of others who you feel can understand you as you remember your loved one’s passing, you may wish to revisit a grief support group. To learn more about grief support and other grief and healing resources in San Mateo, call Skylawn Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411. 

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