• Explaining Death to a Child

    Explaining death to a child is difficult under any circumstance, especially when the adult in charge of delivering and explaining the life-altering news is in mourning herself. For advice that may guide you along in the process or at least clarify some questions you have, watch this video.

    In it, a mother shares her experience of breaking the news of her husband’s death to their daughter when she was just three years old. Now nine, the daughter discusses what she remembers from this experience, highlighting what she found most helpful.

    While children process and react to death in different ways, the advice offered in this video can benefit both children and adults following the passing of a loved one. If you have recently lost a loved one and are planning to hold a funeral service in or near San Mateo, call Skylawn Memorial Park today at (650) 349-4411. 

  • Steps to Take In the Wake of a Death of a Loved One

    Hand on coffin

    Death is a natural part of life, but that knowledge does not make it any easier when a loved one passes away. In addition to planning funeral services in accordance with your loved one’s wishes, there are a number of logistical items that must be taken care of during your grieving. A trusted friend or family member may be able to assist you if you are unable to perform these tasks. Keep reading to learn a few of the steps to take after a loved one dies.

    Find the Will

    Whether your loved one passed away suddenly or after a bout with illness, there is a chance that he made a will before his death. Though it can be an awkward conversation, you may want to speak with your loved ones while they’re still alive about the location and contents of their wills. After you locate the will of your deceased family member or friend, it will need to be secured. Consult with your family lawyer to find out if it must be filed with the probate court, or if there are different requirements in your area.

    Secure Documentation

    Just as every person receives a birth certificate when they arrive into this world, death certificates are also issued upon exit. You may need as many as 25 copies of the death certificate to notify banks, credit agencies, insurance companies, investment firms, and any other account that the deceased had. The funeral home will often handle ordering the death certificates, so speak with your representative to find out the details of the process.

    Handle the Details

    There are many details that need to be addressed when a loved one passes away. For example, you’ll need to forward the mail if there is no one else living at the deceased’s address, and notify the Social Security Administration. Ordering a credit report can give you a good idea of existing accounts and any debts that may be outstanding.


    Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park of San Mateo is here to guide you through every step of the way after the death of a loved one. Contact us at (650) 349-4411 to experience the compassionate service and commitment to integrity that have made us a leader in funeral homes. 

  • Dealing with the Anniversary of a Loved One’s Death

    Woman in despair

    For nearly a year, every holiday and annual event you observe or attend has been the first you have experienced since the death of your loved one. Before long, the one-year anniversary of your loved one’s passing will be here. You know it will be difficult, and you are wondering how to cope.

    While grief is a personal process that is different for each individual who experiences it, there are a handful of ways to honor a loved one’s memory on the anniversary of his or her death that many bereaved individuals find helpful. These include visiting a graveside memorial with flowers, watching old home videos, spending the day making a photo album or writing about your loved one, and hosting a gathering for those who knew your loved one best.

    If you find the anniversary of your loved one’s death exceptionally different and would like to be in the company of others who you feel can understand you as you remember your loved one’s passing, you may wish to revisit a grief support group. To learn more about grief support and other grief and healing resources in San Mateo, call Skylawn Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411.