• How to Begin Coping with the Death of Your Spouse

    After your spouse has passed on, you may feel as though your whole world has been shattered. It can be difficult to find the strength to move on and begin to rebuild your life. Remember that everyone grieves in his or her own way. Do what you feel is right to honor your spouse’s memory at the burial service or cremation ceremony.

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    Mourn in Your Own Way

    When your spouse has passed on, the last thing you need to worry about is being strong for other family members and friends. It’s healthy to acknowledge your grief and to allow yourself to mourn. Sometimes, well-intentioned loved ones may encourage you to begin to move on from your grief and toward acceptance. It’s perfectly fine if you feel you are not yet ready for this stage of grief. You should feel free to move toward acceptance and healing at your own pace.

    Expect a Range of Emotions

    Mourners experience a wide range of emotions ; there is no one “right” way to feel or to grieve. Many people cry at funeral services, while others feel too numb or in shock to express emotions. Prepare yourself to feel a bewildering range of emotions, such as confusion, guilt, anger, and fear. It’s important to acknowledge your emotions and try to learn from them.

    Reach Out to Others

    The grieving process often lends itself to social isolation. When you feel you’re ready, reach out to others. A support network of loving family members and friends can help you cope with your grief in your own way. Many mourners find comfort in support groups and groups affiliated with religious organizations.

    Affirm Your Plans

    It’s often difficult to adjust to living alone after enjoying your life with your spouse. You may feel a measure of control over your life again by making weekly plans. Plan to go on social outings, such as a visit to the library or a walk with a friend. Consider joining a book club, adopting a pet, or volunteering to babysit young relatives.

    Skylawn Funeral & Memorial Park strives for excellence in family support and care during this difficult time. Our caring staff members will help you plan for your loved one’s funeral service at our tranquil grounds in San Mateo. Call (650) 349-4411 to inquire about our burial services and cremation services.

  • The Ways Obituaries are Changing in the New Digital World

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    Obituaries provide a way to memorialize a person after they have passed. Obituaries have begun to change with the advancement of digital technology. Now, there are more options for memorializing and honoring a loved one with an online obituary. Here are some examples of how obituaries have become enhanced by the digital world.

    Online Obituary Features
    An online obituary is just like one found in the newspaper, except it has several beneficial features. When visiting a person’s memorial website, family members and friends can view photos and videos that have been posted. They can also post some of their own to share. There is a tribute wall on which people can share a memory, post a loving note to the deceased, or offer condolences to the family. There is even an option to use a personal webcam and record and post a video message on the memorial page. There are links to send flowers or a virtual gift to the family, send a personalized card, or light a candle in honor of the deceased. Family history can be added to the page by contributing to the “family tree” tab, which features photos on a virtual tree. All of these online features aid in preserving the memory of the deceased for generations to come.

    Obituary Notifications
    The funeral home website features a place where people can sign up to receive obituary notifications online. An obituary notification page allows a person to submit their name and email address. From there, the person will be contacted with email notifications that announce the families the funeral home is servicing. Contact details are not shared, sold, or rented to a third party, and email address information remains with the funeral home only. It is easy to unsubscribe if notifications are no longer wanted.

    Obituary Search Options
    Obituaries are easily searchable online. An online search engine provides the option to search for a person by their date of birth. There is even the option to narrow the search by a death that has happened within the last 30 or 90 days. If this information isn’t obtainable, there is always the option to search by name only.

    Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park can help you memorialize your loved one by providing an online forum for friends and family to post photos, videos, and memories. We provide cremation, burial, and funeral services to the families of San Mateo. Contact us at (650) 349-4411 to learn more about our services.


  • What Are My In-Ground Burial Options at Skylawn Memorial Park?

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    At Skylawn Memorial Park, our courteous staff members are happy to explain your range of burial options. You can honor your loved one with a burial in our beautiful gardens. Many people prefer private family estates to allow many family members to remain close together after they pass on. You may place a private bench and a permanent, personalized memorial on our professionally landscaped grounds. This in-ground burial option also allows for cremation services.

    Another in-ground burial option is a lawn crypt, which is a pre-developed interment structure that typically has a flush marker. Or, you may feel that your loved one would have preferred a traditional in-ground burial. You may select a flush marker or an upright monument to honor your loved one’s memory and provide a place for family members to return and reflect.

    Families in the San Mateo area are welcome to call Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park at (650) 349-4411 with any questions you have about our funeral services and burial options. We also encourage you to visit our website for grief resources.

  • Filipino Funeral and Burial Traditions

    The Philippines is a nation composed of 7,000 islands and thousands of tribes. With so much diversity, it comes as no surprise that funeral traditions vary widely. Many Filipinos engage the services of a mananabtan after the death of a loved one. A mananabtan prays for those who have passed on.

    Watch this video to hear an interview with a mananabtan who has been praying for the deceased for 60 years. She explains numerous funeral traditions, such as why some families place a chick on top of the coffin and why the breaking of a plate is sometimes called for at a wake.

    At Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park, we invite you to honor your loved one in the sacred traditions of your culture. Please call our San Mateo offices at (650) 349-4411 for information about our funeral services, burial services, and cremation services.

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