The Benefits of Advanced Funeral Planning

Though it is never easy to cope with the departure of a loved one, this life event is unavoidable and it is a process that everyone must endure sooner or later. When a dear friend or family member passes on, the bereaved individuals will have to deal with a host of emotions and many legal and logistical challenges. You can ease your family’s burdens during that difficult time by planning your funeral ahead of time. Some of the benefits of this advanced planning include:

Flowers on a coffin

Easing the Financial Burden

A loss, even if it is not unexpected, never comes at an opportune time. If you have not made arrangements for your burial services ahead of time, your family may experience financial hardship at the time of your departure. Pre-planning allows your loved ones to keep more of their inheritance and a greater percentage of any life insurance money to which they may be entitled, because you have already paid for most of your funeral service.

Relieving the Logistical Burden

The death of a loved one creates many different chores and tasks for a family. The deceased’s belongings must be dealt with according to his or her will, any property or assets must be transferred and the appropriate taxes must be paid, and the family must inform friends of the death. With a pre-planned funeral, you relieve your family of one complicated planning duty.

Alleviating the Emotional Burden

When you plan your own funeral options ahead of time, your family will not suffer undue anguish wondering what your wishes or desires for your burial service would have been, because you will have made them explicit. Advanced planning relieves your family of the burden of choice and the potential guilt they may feel if they think they made the wrong decision.  

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