How to Cope with Unexpected Loss

Losing a family member or close friend is always a difficult experience, but it can be especially traumatic if the loss was unexpected. The shock of a sudden, accidental death can be difficult and confusing even for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one before. Though each person deals with grief and loss differently, you may find that the tips below help you cope with your feelings before, during, and after your loved one’s burial services.

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Acknowledge Your Emotions

When you are first informed about the loss, it is normal to react with disbelief. You may not immediately feel sad, because you are still processing the deeply shocking reality of the situation. As the hours and days and weeks go by, you may experience a flood of contradictory and confusing emotions, including numbness, anger, guilt, and sadness. You can begin the healing process sooner if you face these feelings instead of ignoring them.

Talk About Your Feelings

You may experience unexpected pangs of loss or bouts of anger long after your loved one’s funeral or cremation services have been completed. If you do not speak about your feelings at all, you may continue to hold on to them for much longer than is healthy. Talk to your close friends and other family members, and seek out professional help if you think you need it.

Balance Social Time and Alone Time

During the grieving process, different people have different needs. You may need more or less alone time than others, and you should acknowledge and respect your own needs. Be careful, however, to not go toward one extreme or the other: do not spend too much time alone nor too much time surrounding yourself with excessive activity, as both isolation and over-socialization can be emotionally unhealthy and numbing.

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