• How to Comfort Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

    If a friend or family member of yours has recently lost a loved one, you may be wondering what you can do to comfort him or her in this time of emotional upheaval and need. It is only natural to want to offer words of advice and share your own experiences.

    The best way to provide comfort is to simply listen to what your bereaved friend or family member has to say. Watch this video to learn why lending open ears is the best relief you can provide when someone you know experiences a loss.

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  • How to Cope with Unexpected Loss

    Losing a family member or close friend is always a difficult experience, but it can be especially traumatic if the loss was unexpected. The shock of a sudden, accidental death can be difficult and confusing even for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one before. Though each person deals with grief and loss differently, you may find that the tips below help you cope with your feelings before, during, and after your loved one’s burial services.

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    Acknowledge Your Emotions

    When you are first informed about the loss, it is normal to react with disbelief. You may not immediately feel sad, because you are still processing the deeply shocking reality of the situation. As the hours and days and weeks go by, you may experience a flood of contradictory and confusing emotions, including numbness, anger, guilt, and sadness. You can begin the healing process sooner if you face these feelings instead of ignoring them.

    Talk About Your Feelings

    You may experience unexpected pangs of loss or bouts of anger long after your loved one’s funeral or cremation services have been completed. If you do not speak about your feelings at all, you may continue to hold on to them for much longer than is healthy. Talk to your close friends and other family members, and seek out professional help if you think you need it.

    Balance Social Time and Alone Time

    During the grieving process, different people have different needs. You may need more or less alone time than others, and you should acknowledge and respect your own needs. Be careful, however, to not go toward one extreme or the other: do not spend too much time alone nor too much time surrounding yourself with excessive activity, as both isolation and over-socialization can be emotionally unhealthy and numbing.

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  • Tips for Helping Your Child Understand Loss

    Losing a loved one is difficult for individuals of any age, but without proper guidance and support from a parent, it can be especially traumatizing for a child. Depending on their age, children may not yet grasp the fact that death is a final, irreversible process.

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    When speaking to your child about a death in the family, it is best to avoid euphemisms such as “going to sleep,” “going away,” or “going to a better place.” No matter what your personal beliefs are about the nature of the afterlife, you first need to make it clear to your child that the recently deceased family member will not be returning or coming back to the world of the living.

    If at any point before, during, or after your loved one’s funeral services, you or your child are in need of grief counseling, Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park can help. To learn more about burial options and bereavement counseling, call us today at (650) 349-4411.

  • The Benefits of Advanced Funeral Planning

    Though it is never easy to cope with the departure of a loved one, this life event is unavoidable and it is a process that everyone must endure sooner or later. When a dear friend or family member passes on, the bereaved individuals will have to deal with a host of emotions and many legal and logistical challenges. You can ease your family’s burdens during that difficult time by planning your funeral ahead of time. Some of the benefits of this advanced planning include:

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    Easing the Financial Burden

    A loss, even if it is not unexpected, never comes at an opportune time. If you have not made arrangements for your burial services ahead of time, your family may experience financial hardship at the time of your departure. Pre-planning allows your loved ones to keep more of their inheritance and a greater percentage of any life insurance money to which they may be entitled, because you have already paid for most of your funeral service.

    Relieving the Logistical Burden

    The death of a loved one creates many different chores and tasks for a family. The deceased’s belongings must be dealt with according to his or her will, any property or assets must be transferred and the appropriate taxes must be paid, and the family must inform friends of the death. With a pre-planned funeral, you relieve your family of one complicated planning duty.

    Alleviating the Emotional Burden

    When you plan your own funeral options ahead of time, your family will not suffer undue anguish wondering what your wishes or desires for your burial service would have been, because you will have made them explicit. Advanced planning relieves your family of the burden of choice and the potential guilt they may feel if they think they made the wrong decision.  

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